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December 12, 2012 in Offbeat


People live by that motto yet should better realize there is only ONE Earth and humanity that are practically family since countless other distant Genesises throughout time have taken place all throughout the cosmos. Even within this solar system it is evident! at least two global earth-like civilizations have already passed and eight more will one day be many millions of years from now. There’s no telling how many overall…

Every galaxy, every universe and atom basically revolves around GOD the Creator whom holds all of creation together. We are within and around the heavens! Hundreds of years ago mankind believed the heavens revolved around them when actual truth is quite the opposite. We should all strive to become better people and help others in need because that is the best form of praise to GOD. Love life, grateful grace and rejoice in union with the Lord of all. Bring peace and more heaven on earth. A self centered mentality builds up destruction. It is wise to realize the enormous spectrum of reality, the endless universe created by Perfection the very Father of creation itself, the provider of liberty and free-will, the true source of righteousness, deliver of certain justice, love and wisdom forever.

Pure Science Proves The Creator

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