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August 27, 2017 in Offbeat


The dream world and this world are both ran by evil entities. Possibly they were all once people like us [look at the 'elites'] but they’ve chosen to become a different species.. the trans movement early on came in the form of ‘royalty’. Rulers of these realms which are connected here through us all. Many different types of resistances all fighting among each other, some better than the others. I’ve consciously seen alot of shit in the dream realm. Ran missions ranging from looking to rescue a man’s wife to killing big old monster demons in underground bases. It’s easy to do stuff like that but it’s not certain when there’s people involved although the normal demons bares resemblance to the figure of a person… they just smell like sulfur when you piss them off and have an evil glare in their eyes. So for as long as they’ve been attacking me or act like they’re about to, most of the time I kill them. Sometimes try to dip out or if I have to abort… this is just too fucking much to explain…. they have a stronghold on the dream realm right now. After I took that realm seriously they really detected me. Upping the difficulty level basically. Got me trapped inside the hood, sometimes my street, then down to being stuck in the house, and recently even got me down to a room. When they know I’m consciously dreaming and probably after resetting the dream a few times they’ve suspended gravity.. stuck floating there and shit or them trying to fade out the dream so I can’t see… hmmm maybe I just gotta face all of them… the scariest of them all were the vampire looking mothafuckas acting all fearless and looking like they wanna suck the life outta ya. Last one of those I saw led him into a group to get jumped and had to finish him for good. And the demons are easy to kill, they just really stink. They’re kinda like vampire wannabes. There’s another force out there though.. ah… they really are able to control the environment there…. sorta like they always wanted. Besides they don’t control everything despite all attempts to try. One of the recent lucid dream I had–which is what they’re probably so mad about–is I made it out of the house and was in my hood like where they normally start me. I changed the environment getting much of nature to spawn, even a mountain. Figured it was a good opportunity to climb a mountain for the first time. After I crossed a couple streets and went to walk through some yards there was snow on the ground and my feet were bare… so it literally felt cold and hurt. Probably because I’ve been through some cold winters in the midwest and am use to the sensation…. I dunno. The dream got cut off before I could get to the mountain. That’s the thing… the more aware I am in the dream realm it’s like the more they keep closer track. It’s shitty consciously dreaming and having the dream reset again and again sometimes minute after minute. The point is both of these places are ruled with evil. What the system really wants most is to detect who is really conscious. By that I mean free and so we don’t require their power structure. Freedom is natural, wild animals don’t need names… now y’all policing them too? Bet would tax them if ya could… instead just took everything away to build since they ‘didn’t have a voice’. What’s crazy is if your science was correct that means they’re your ancestors and family. Really it’s been so long, humans are already an ancient species too. Everything here shares a common origin, the earth, that’s home. Liberty is natural, the only law is love. Energy is key–Now I know how to defeat the enemy.

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