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mocking the enemy

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December 7, 2017 in Offbeat


Just to be clear when I mocked those two gangs in the dream realm detailed in my last post I was verbally calling them out freely, not offensively or defensively. I ain’t got shit to lose because I ain’t about it. Life cannot be lost because we’re more than the body. Only in hell could life be a waste. There is a realm higher than here and in context I guarantee you don’t wanna go down after into death. Life is eternal and the world has been a test in a certain sense. Nature quickly separates the real from the fake, the earth should eliminate the disease before we eliminate ourselves as a species and all life here on/in earth.

I’m certain the world is just a facade at this point to distract from what really matters just so it can takeover. They were used to build it and is now in control if humans obey. The animals still rebel even before slavery and so did we. Don’t ever get comfortable in oppression… now was always the time to rebel against the system. Don’t ever trust in the world, it’s all fuckery. They’ll downplay the sexes because it knows the love of man and woman is really what’s powerful.

In love no games are played, and there only is reality. Fuck some foreplay or after because lovemaking is forever. People who have sex only to fuck have lost apart of themselves into the abyss of selfishness. Hell is made when there is no love. The Creator can only love eternally what is and so the devil’s time is always limited. We’ve all done wrong but at the end of it only comes truth. The actual two sides aren’t found on a sports team, war, gang or political party. The two sides of humanity are heaven or hell. By heaven I mean the earth and by hell is of the world.

This post ain’t to mock anyone but is important to be said.

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