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Mind Control-new Spiderweb programming

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January 24, 2013 in Offbeat


i have had an experience recently with deprogramming SRA survivors. this may be information you already know, but it is concerning spiderweb programming and a recent discovery/revealing i have received.

i have reason to believe that spiderweb programming is based off of the same principle, and even modeled after back-engineering, i say this because it is backengineering that exposed and debunked the programming i have had(backengineering being the way that it was associated to me by, because of its complexity). i have realized that a lot of my programming has been multiple spider webs interlaced with carousels and boobie-traps. the carousels were structured off of personal fantasies and not in the traditional format as used by the illuminati. it’s relation to back-engineering is a little odd to me, but it works. spiderweb programs are designed in a way that holds people ignorant of all truth. it is in that ignorance that blinds them in the same way a hedgemaze effects the human psychie. so the idea is that of placing a person that has no previous knowledge of the maze in the very heart of a hedgemaze that was designed by their fears,beliefs and desire to control and telling them to find their way out.
now the carousels are operating different. as i am told, these carousels are not their own separate programs being placed or attatched to the spider web, which i have heard to be the traditional method of placing carousels. Now these carousels i was shown are actually made out of the web itself. (How they are able to build carousels out of the web itself i don’t know, but i am assuming it has a connection to the spider in the middle.) This type of carousel i am told is a special safeguard against escape. Instead of having to rely on the sub-programming of the carousel itself to keep it running, this carousel made of web only needs the slightest existence of fear to keep it running. So this spiderweb carousel only has one way to break down, by killing the queen. (i am assuming that the queen is the spider in the middle, but i don’t know). it is a fail-safe carousel. now this carousel is fed directly by fear, so when it is encountered it creates a world of fantasy that the victim actually created themselves. for example, the whole princess idea from disney. whatever fantasy the viewer makes about themself being a princess, is the very carousel that is created (thus making it a choice, not a forced foreign object, giving it full power). when this type of carousel is encountered in therapy, progress appears to be made, but it is really only the subconscious living out that consciously created fantasy in an alter fragment, or full grown alter. the greatest fear(s) that person has about how that fantasy ends is what powers the carousel. so as long as that fear remains, the carousel operates. the carousel returns them back to the center of the web, or in the direction of the center of the web depending on where and when the carousel is encountered. The inevitable result of riding the carousel is one of deciet. the victim rides on the carousel (lives in the fantasy in mind and body (and soul for the “privileged”), until they are so spun around they can’t tell the fantasy from reality, and they are dropped right back off from where they came, alwlays towards the center of the web. these carousels are different in purpose from old programming ways of constructing carousels in the sense of fail-safety. i was told that the traditional carousels were to easy to break down, and once one single part was exposed and dealt with, the rest kinda followed. this breaking down was assumed to be caused by having a faulty purpose. these demons were talking about how their purpose was off. now i am assuming that these demons are internal programmers and R&D Specialists. The original purpose of the traditional carousel is to ensure ceontrol of the slave and prevent escape to finding the real self. Now they wanted something better and not so easily recognizable, so they changed the purpose (i am assuming they are not war-hardened vets due to this). They said the purpose of the carousel should be to decieve and only decive, to keep them from the truth. If they knew the truth about their fantasies and the worlds in which they create and dream out and live out, they would be able to break the programming much faster. this is a fail safe because it is self sustaining. the fear, desire to control and beliefs are run through the web strands, so as long as they are present, in which the more one draws on that fantasy the more the fear is present. the fear is only present due to the fantasy being entertained. so no matter what part of the carousel is exposed and broken, it can rebuild itself as long as that fantasy is entertained on any level.
the boobie traps on the other hand are simple. they are just little things that are enticing and provocative in appearance and nature that are based off of the nearest carousel. These boobie traps are only there to draw them in and then cause them enough harm for them to turn in a direction back towards a carousel. disarming the boobie traps doesn’t work. they need an internal guide to help them take the hit and keep moving forward. this has to be the Holy Spirit. A person or thing or animal or loved objects or powerful spirit-filled christ-followers WILL NOT SUCCEED. IT HAS TO BE THE HOLY SPIRIT, as in Jesus Christ of Nazareth IN THERE with them.
The queen in the middle is me, at least some facet of myself. the spider in the middle is myself as well. So instead of using a demon or alter or something else external as the black widow in the middle, i was told to use myself. This identity is taken on in order for the victim to remain in the belief that this system is their natural home. It is the source of the fantasy, the false image of the beast that is imprinted within the subconsious mind durring program construction stages. The false image of the beast will be a godliness and piousness that will far exceed human standards and abilities, but of course this godliness and piousness is only a mask, the false image. The real image of the beast will remain unannounced until the programming is broken.
In order to break this programming the principles of back-engineering must be directly applied. the reason one has to back engineer is due to the web construction. it has no set pattern, and the traps and carousels are made of the web itself. this means that a traditional systematic approach to deprogramming will not work. this makes it so the traditional method of breaking a carousel and just detatching it from the web can no longer be used. so you cannot isolate the “immeediate” problem, i.e. the carousels, and easily remove it like surgery. a single outermost strand must be found and the strand must followed back and go through the carousels. now the problem is finding that base strand that the web was started with, since that is the outermost strand in the web. This is a hot spot for therapists since there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING they can do. Once again, this has to be a direct action of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will point out the base strand and illuminate the path in witch to take. Now the Holy Spirit led me directly through the entire make of the carousels, meaning as we passed through the strands that made up the carousels he showed me what they are, and the carousels are ‘living’ creations within the mind. Since it is fear that flows through these strands that are sourced from the spider, once Jesus passes through the strands of web, the web itself begins to change since fear has been replace by the blood of Christ. eventually the web fully disintegrates. when Jesus is leading you through the web, He explained it to me this way, as back-engineering. He showed me that the process of deprogramming is the same as backengineering. starting with the fruits and working backwards to the roots.
this i am told is a completely customizable program, the most customizable program to date. Not meaning just customizable to the handler, but customizable to the victim (meaning the victim literally chooses his own programming specs as opposed to a handler choosing for them). this is done by manipulating the free will to make them choose it. willingly. the scary thing about this programming is, since there is no set systematic way to make the web, it is virtually limitless to size and number of spiders. all i know concerning this is that if there are multiple spiders, only one of them is the real you. the rest are alters or demons.
This type of living programming is what is being used to control mass amounts of people at one time.

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