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met a woman who cares about me

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September 3, 2017 in Offbeat


Well not so much in reality but I encountered a woman who was a conscious entity in my dream last night. It was refreshing since the other lucid dream segments had pretty much all consisted of evil conscious entities trying to fuck with me so they all had to get merkd… I tried to say things that might get them to change but sometimes I have no option. Anyways I could see from the look in her eyes that she was good so we got to go on a walk together and she answered all of my questions that I asked. Probably should’ve had better questions prepared to ask her but it’s whatever now… after waking up it’s damn near hard to remember everything they told me. I wonder if that’s the same women I met in my dreams about a month or so ago who took one look at me and ran off crying… so I had to grab her by the arm and get her to explain.. and she told me that I was gonna die if I kept on living this way. I know what she was talking about too…. or atleast from what was going on in that dream, it seemed to have something to do with materialism.

I’d love to change but in my current situation I’m kinda stuck. I know what I have to do but am not at all looking forward to it. Once everyone knows… the world will never be the same ever again. Who knew one sentence could change so much… then I’ll finally be done with science. Then hopefully I’ll finally be given the opportunity I need to pitch my innovation/business, collect on royalties and then I’m getting out of the system. Finding a women ain’t gonna be easy but will be necessary for paradise… she cannot be at all superficial though or that could ruin me. Considering the average female in this country and how they treat men I’m probably better off traveling the earth until I find the one… damn that’s alot of pressure though, I couldn’t even convince the women I loved the most so far of my love but really it’ll be much easier in person. I was never much of a talker so had me at a huge disadvantage. I’m scared though that once I’m well known and have more money than I could ever use… that then I’ll never have love, that people would ‘love me’ for all the wrong reasons. And after what I just went through caused me to pick up on her trust issues but I’ll eventually be fine. Atleast now I know what being in love feels like. It’s probably just a dream though. I can’t imagine them letting me be free and wielding power in this world. Hopefully it’s all worth it though and others can be free and have love. I better set a date or else I might never get to doing what I know has to be done. Pray for me because my luck hasn’t been very good recently. On the bright side even if they do decide to eliminate me after I let people know possibly the greatest discovery science could ever produce, atleast then I could ‘rest in peace’… even though really I’d be in absolute paradise moments after so I ain’t worried at all. I have to keep my word with the Creator and see this through until the end. Hopefully this will be enough because I don’t wanna battle forever.

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