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magical dreams given me insight

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May 18, 2017 in Offbeat


I dreamed about my love damn near all night… feeling so refreshed now. It was one of the most epic and yet regular dream series I ever had. The first one I was in my room feeling very tried about to go to sleep when a bunch of people around my age showed up wanting to party. They were people who I knew and others that I just had encounters with. At first there was just a smallish group of us chilling in my bedroom lounging around. This went on for a while and since was feeling so tired felt damn near out of it but I was happy to have company. Suddenly out of no where I see my woman walk into the room and stood there at the entrance. I was shocked that she paid me a surprise visit. She started saying things to me which now I don’t remember what she said but it was meaningful. It was hard for me to believe that she was actually here so I reached out to touch her with my hand. She felt more physically real than anything I’ve ever experienced in a dream before… it’s almost like I retained how she felt when I briefly placed my right hand between her shoulder and heart. What’s really intriguing about all of this is the entities couldn’t see her. They kept making comments wondering if I had gone insane but I ignored them because I already felt her confirming to myself that she’s real. I followed her out through the front door and she got into the passenger seat of a vehicle in the driveway. The entire time I was stunned listening to what she was telling me. A few entities followed us out there, they were probably the conscious ones but they still couldn’t see or hear her. They kept trying to convince me that no one was there and they somehow lessened my already subconscious state tricking me to go back inside. The party picked back up and a lot more people showed up. What I take from this is apparently these entities wanted me to do what I use to do. My love came to take me away from them and am curious where she was gonna lead us to… when I woke up made me wish I had been conscious in that dream so that I would’ve completely ignored the entities and went with her. The closest experience I had to something like this before was a year or so ago during a dream of having a party at my house. A little group of us were standing out on the patio in a circle conversating when suddenly I snapped into a conscious state. I slipped away from the group and walked over to the edge of my yard at the entrance to my fence. I looked over towards the horizon and there was a large mountain in the distant and the sky was filled with auroras… even though it was just a dream still it was one of the most beautiful things I ever seen. A few entities walked over to me realizing that I had gone conscious. I pointed out to them that I could see auroras. Right away they started to discuss among themselves that I was seeing the auroras… apparently they couldn’t see it. While staring at it they then somehow snapped me back into an unconscious state, they might’ve reset the dream or something. It was such a beautiful sight that I’ll never forget yet the series of dreams last night were much more profound.

The next dream I was back having another party at my house. Eventually I snapped into a conscious state and tried to slip away outside where I could try to escape. Yet one of the entities realized and followed me out… I didn’t make it far before the dream reset. When it did I was back at the same party and eventually got into a conscious state again but this time I played it off much more smoothly. This time I stayed undetected and had conversations with the entities, talking like everything was normal… but I was only doing so trying to find the gatekeeper among them. Usually that’s easy to do if I reveal that I’m conscious because then the difference between  the unconscious and conscious entities become very obvious since they automatically start acting differently making their true natures obvious… of course that’s only if the dream doesn’t keep resetting. Yet this is the first time I tried to find the leader of them in an undetected fashion. After a while I found him chilling in the living room among a couple others around him. They do seem to like to stick together in groups of three fairly often. While we were talking I asked him some questions which helped reveal to me that he’s the gatekeeper here. So all I did was stare directly into his eyes so he could see what I was feeling/thinking and that’s when he discovered that I was conscious and had played him the whole time. While I was doing that something strange happened… either I used my mind to try to kill him or I think just the fabric of his existence became unstable and the dream got cut off. All I know for sure is I saw the fear in his eyes. My best guess is that probably the gatekeepers above him wasn’t pleased with his performance because I outwitted him and they lost my containment.

After that I dreamed about my love dream after dream for the rest of my sleep. Sometimes I’d even wake up, go back to sleep and then still kept dreaming about her. It’s hard to remember everything and there’s too many details involved to go over everything but I’ll try to do my best for the lessons to make sense. The first one she wasn’t there. I remember is chilling in the rec room in my house talking with my younger brother. He was trying to convince me that my woman ain’t good for me and that I shouldn’t be with her. I listened to what he had to say but he was wrong and it made me upset. The next dream I was with my family and some other people. My woman was there and we were all gathered in a rented out room in a large recreational facility dining together on a long table. Something happened because some comments people made her upset and she got up and left the room. I got up to go catch up with her to give her comfort but on my way out the door my parents stopped me. My dad seemed like he was trying to prevent me the most from going to get her. We got into a heated argument and so I decided to finish this dinner and then go find where my love went. Even after the dinner was over and we were all heading out the door to do whatever there was to do in the rest of that place they still tried to stop me. Since I didn’t have a cellphone to stay in contact with they threatened to leave without me but I didn’t care. I asked them how long we were going to be here, they said an hour, so I told them I’d meet them in a location before then. They said I better have the money to catch a flight because if I didn’t make it back in time than they were going to leave me there. We were in another state and I didn’t have the money to afford a ticket back but than again I didn’t care. All I knew is I wasn’t going to leave there without her. As I was searching for her some other people were too who must’ve been her friends. They were calling out her name but nobody had any luck finding her. While looking around I overheard at least two other young woman had gone missing. I started to wonder if they all were kidnapped and that got me worried had me looking around frantically. Eventually I decided to search outside and I came across a couple foreigners who worked there taking a break on the side of the building. They were playing some sort of game from their country, trying to teach tourists just out of their own kindness. I stopped him when he tried to show me and he randomly mentioned how just earlier he had taught the game to a group of beautiful young women. I told him I was trying to find someone and then gave him a description of her. He said yeah she was there not that long ago. I asked him if he knew where she went and he pointed to the building across the street. That’s when I ended up waking from the dream. What I learned from that dream is damn near everybody is probably not going to want us to be together. Their reasons are always wrong though and their opinions or approval doesn’t matter to us anyways.

This dream wasn’t much. We were at my house with some of my family, it must’ve been the first time she had been here. My little brother was giving her a tour around all the rooms. I guess I must’ve been taking care of some work or something. For some reason I always dream of my house being a least a little bit nicer than it is in reality. I caught up with them when he was showing her the main bedroom. She seemed to like the place and that’s basically all there was to that dream. The last dream that I remember was being at a very large mall in another state with my family and woman. We were there for some kind of reunion gathering of my peers. Had an area rented out and most of the time I was chilling at that gathering. This dream lasted for a while and the highlights of the dream was whenever I was with my woman or at least those moments were certainly the most delightful. While I was at the party of course somebody wanted to stir up drama. Some dude who I never met or at least don’t remember started talking shit about me to people. The DJ first told me some of what that dude was saying about me. Then later another random person told me some other shit he was saying… then my woman who barely was at the party because she was out there doing her own thing briefly came by to tell me more shit that dude had been saying about me. I told her it ain’t a thing and it doesn’t matter to me if people think I’m crazy. They’re only rumors so it doesn’t actually hurt me personally but his obsession with me was bothersome though. It was nearing the end of the party and a group of dudes walked up telling me even more of what he had been saying about me to people and how he’s telling people that he wants to fight me and that I should fight him. I suspect there was probably instigation involved because it didn’t seem like he was the only jealous guy. They reassured me that this dude is weak and basically all talk. The only time they saw him throw a punch was as a game into someone’s arm and threw it like a bitch. I told them that if that dude wants to we could just do that, but really I don’t fight to play games. If we were going to fight it would likely be to the death… and I knew that I wasn’t going to be the one dying. While talking to them that dude of course showed up. I asked him to explain why he hated me and his first response was to comment on my shoes. Right then I could easily tell his mindset, he hated me because of his jealousy. There’s no way I was going to fight over something so petty. He untied one of my shoelaces and kept trying to get in my face. I kept telling him to back off and for the people standing around to pull him away from me but they didn’t do anything other than kept on watching hoping for a fight. There’s no way I wanted that day to go this way so after this carried on some more I told him if he assaulted he that I’d defend myself and bluffed saying that I would also sue him since I have witnesses. That made him back off and we went out separate ways. After the gathering was over I sat on a ledge outside the room and watched all the people leave. Mainly was waiting just in case my love came back through there but it was interesting seeing various people I had known or encountered in my life. Afterwards I went to the center of the mall hoping I might run into her there. I enjoyed looking over the displays and everything for a while. Then when it was time to leave my family grabbed our things and headed out to the car. I was a little dismayed because my woman wasn’t anywhere to be found. On our way out we were walking down the last stretch of hallway when I spotted her walking towards me. We locked eyes and both couldn’t hold back our smiles. It was such a wonderful feeling.. I dropped what I was carrying and we greeted with each other with open arms. We stood there hugging each other, it felt like for a long while but time just stood still. I asked where she had been and she told me that she was suppose to meet her dad there but he didn’t show up. When she called him he claimed that he had already told her that today wasn’t a good day for them to meet up and said he would meet up with her later elsewhere some other time. We were so happy to be together again even though it had maybe only been a couple of hours. We kept holding onto each other as we were walking through the last bit of the mall. We had to let go of each other as we were going down the staircases leading to the door out because it was hard to keep balance since we took the steps at different paces. She walked the steps one by one but I like to skip steps and jump down them. We ended up jumping down some of them together towards the end. After that we all walked to the car together, threw out stuff in the back and took off with my family. As we were pulling out the parking space I saw there was a bag left behind. I told my parent to stop the car multiple times in various but they acted like they didn’t hear me. As we were driving through the parking lot I brought up something but none of my family took it seriously. My woman called them out, wondering what this was all about. I explained to her that I’m the quote unquote ‘conspiracy theorist’ of the family so nobody listens to me. We both joked around about it. Then my mom realized she left something inside the mall. I told them about the bag we left the parking space but when we drove by I got a better look and it just turned out to be a bag of trash. My parents told me that’s normal to leave bags of trash all over the parking lot and it’s somebody’s job to pick up all the garbage left there. They parked the car closer to the building and that was the end of the dream. My favorite part was being in her arms and bonding with my love.

Something very significant obviously happened when she appeared to me in that first dream. And being with her in those other dreams, as simple as they were… only deepened my love for her. Gave me insight not only on the world’s reaction to us being together but more importantly how our love together is very good especially when it’s only us.

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