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Love is Empowerment — The Awe of Liberty

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July 19, 2013 in Offbeat


To slay the beast of despotism you must wield the sword of truth, boldly stand in defiance of tyrants to restore liberty and justice. Many good men have died so we might have freedom. Oppression ends in desolation, always be wary of governmental corruption. Reject the mark of diabolical enslavement, end this debt based ‘federal reserve’ reign of devaluation and empirical evil. The ‘powers that be’ are hollow. Humanity has incredibly more power, the people of heart, we the masses when united in righteous alignment can overcome all odds against us. Trusting God, His love righteous graceful mercy when coincided with God’s will. The Almighty eternally provides all true empowerment, strength within that of spiritual worth far more and dynamical than mere material. Sincere love of God instructs righteous guidance. Patience is imperative of eternity, true love enjoyment and none more worthy than God. Love derives from eternal perfection and foremost graceful for even our very existence. We have grand opportunity living on a beautiful planet. Again be wary of governmental power structures, be involved in the advancement of our humanity. Always make sure your heart is in the right place because in life love is everything since your soul be eternal. God’s grace is why we live and provided excellent ability, that of discernment yet judged by faith. Choice is yours. Liberty is the law of earth yet neither allow evil to flourish nor rule, stomp out government corruption before it runs rampant. This world isn’t a game, all future generations must remain vigilant against power structures becoming beast-like and realize civilizations real value is the opportunity of development accorded the individual. All men are created equal, therefor freedom. Stand with this safeguard of America, the Bill of Rights.


Foundation of Liberty and Pillars of Justice

Long Live the Republic

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