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killing evil

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April 21, 2017 in Offbeat


Earlier today I finally had another conscious dream… it’s been a little while.. some interesting things did happen this time. During a dream I regained consciousness while chilling in my garage with around five people. We were all standing in somewhat of a circle conversing and when I became conscious just played it cool at first… I asked at least one of them what their name was and simply asking that had the person stumped. The entity was impersonating someone I used to know yet it didn’t even know their name. By the way they reacted it was very obvious this was only a dream. As soon as they realized I was aware of them they showed their true forms. Their eyes appeared very evil and I could see by their body language that their intentions were to feed on me…. that rightfully so pissed me off but maybe I somewhat overreacted. I got very angry and told them to bring it on. I kept reminding them that they were in my head. The power in me greatly increased… felt the adrenaline yet the overall feeling was much more powerful than that. They started backing off because the power in me was immense… I ended up killing them all.. or most likely they got knocked out. Actually I feel a little bit bad because it looked like they were about to flee but since I figured they’d come back I decided to finish it here. The energy coursing through and around me was so powerful… for the first time I was able to use that energy to basically blow a couple of them away. For about a year or so I’ve learned how to make a gun shape with my hand and use that to shoot people in my dreams. Recently I’ve found out that only work\s on the unconscious or the entities of lesser consciousness. It’s happened twice and once last night… after I killed all but one I went after their leader last but the gun thing didn’t work on her and this has happened at least once before. The interesting thing about this time was she tossed me two revolvers and challenged me to a shoot off. We each laid behind shrubs and took turns shooting at each other. She only had one revolver so I give her respect for tossing me two of them. We missed each other quite a bit… before I ran out of bullets I realized that she got me into a rhythm that was causing me to miss. I paused for a moment and steadily took aim then shot her in the head. After that I left tying to get out of the area… didn’t want to be around those bodies. As I walked away the dream became unstable, I focused on something which made things begin to restabilize… yet somebody around here in real life decided to wake me up for damn near no good reason at all.

My abilities are certainly becoming enhanced but I need to take things further. I have to take this all the way if it’s possible to find out what’s really going on here.

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