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just slept for like 20 hours

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July 6, 2017 in Offbeat


I had an interesting dream… I’m not sure how it started but some guy’s wife got kidnapped. Probably watched it go down through remote viewing. Somehow he found me and got me to help him find her so we could rescue her. The details that happened early on were fuzzy now… maybe because I was unconscious at first/unaware it was a dream. We stopped by a large facility that also doubled as a large home for a small community. There weren’t many people there at that time… not sure if we went to get information or just weapons. After that we left to go meet up with some other older dude who was more experienced with all this shit. He invited us into his home and we made some preparations. It was a nice place but the house was probably like a hundred years old. He had a big family too. At one point that guy was smoking a joint… we even got the person who I came there with to try smoking weed for the first time. He knew what it was but the way he phrased it made it obvious that he “ain’t from around here”. I was disappointed that I woke up before I got to chief with them. Now this is one of the really interesting things… after I went back to sleep I was right there back in the exact same dream… except this time I was conscious but carried on since at least those two people I was with were definitely conscious as well and seemed like good guys. When I reappeared in the dream I was chilling on a bed in a room that they must’ve let me stay in… and had already smoked through most of a blunt. Makes me wonder if I was there the whole time as an empty vessel and the dream carried on while I was gone/awake. I saw them put there waiting in the car for me so I went out the front door… I told his family that we were leaving but they didn’t seem happy about it at all. When I got in the car the older dude explained to me that basically I shouldn’t tell others what they don’t need to know because it increases liability. He explained it in a different way but that’s pretty much what I got out of it. We drove back to that one compound that we were at earlier and there was a big party there going on. This time we went there to get information and answers at any cost… that or the dude needed to get his pistol repaired but I think he was pulling his gun out as we were pulling up to make sure it was loaded and adjusted. Near the door there were some druggies chilling outside. I stopped to talk to them since they were more around my age. One of them was an Indian dude and he was telling me that he makes drugs… it was something I never heard of. I jokingly asked him if he makes hash but he said no but it’s kinda something like that. I went up to their room so he could show me.. before he did another person had a cassette tape he wanted me to hear and asked me what do I make of this. I listened to some of it and recognized it as that one man’s woman. He also had a letter of it, like a transcript written out. He tried to get me to read it… but either it didn’t make sense to me or I couldn’t concentrate. I was about to go take this evidence to show but then suddenly remembered why I went up to that room was for that Indian to show me that exotic drug. He pulled out a small bag with some sorta pea pod looking things and handed me one. He told me that you’ll only need to take one to have an effect for the rest of your life… what he said it does is make you more mellowed out. I didn’t like the sound of something having a permanent effect of me… he pointed to some female there in the room and told me she took one and everybody likes her. I stashed it in my pocket and went off to go find that dude so I could show him the tape. I ended up running into a couple entities impersonating my friends in real life. Asked him if he knew where that one dude went. This is where it gets interesting… not long after I got back to the main floor I think the gatekeepers tried to kick me out of the dream realm. A lot of the entities disappeared and the others froze. I started to go blind but I managed to hold it together and recover. I found that one dude at the front door and then the dream resumed. It looks like I caught up with him right before he was about to leave. I gave him the cassette player but somehow the tape got all fucked up so we went back upstairs to retrieve the hand written transcript. First I grabbed the wrong paper but then remembered the one we needed was written in multiple different colors of ink, a different one for each paragraph. He knew it was from her so we were about to get out of there. Once we got back to the main level of the building I noticed the dream realm was becoming unstable for me again. I remembered that I still had that drug in my pocket so if I’m going to take it than now might be my last chance to. I popped the who thing and started chewing… but it tasted so horrible I spit it out and dropped to me knees. The Indian guy saw me and walked up all happily practically telling me that he tricked me… there was a pill stashed inside the vegetable pod.. chewing on that is what probably tasted so bad. The main reason I took it was because of me telling myself that it’s only a dream… and from some dreams I had earlier indicated to me that it’d probably be a good thing to be more mellow. Plus some fucked up things happened to me in the dream realm before like when that one strange flying creature attached itself to my hand causing me to feel more pain in dreams ever since. So I don’t know if what he got me to take was all that good or not but oddly enough I woke up feeling the effects. I wish I could’ve stuck around longer to help that one dude rescue his wife but after taking that drug and waking up I was already maxed out on sleep. So it was refreshing having another long conscious dream and being able to help out that guy without having to kill anybody. I even had another dream earlier where I was remote viewing some child who had also been kidnapped by some mafia but he was very powerful and they couldn’t control him. It was sorta scary the powers he was capable of but I enjoyed watching him escape all on his own. Well it’s good to be back in this realm though. Hopefully that dude was able to rescue his woman just fine. I could tell they are deeply and truly in love so it was my pleasure/honor to help them out.

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