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August 3, 2015 in Offbeat


Good can’t be invented because God has always been and will forever be. Perfection wasn’t made, eternity explains that. The Lord having omnipresence is very comforting to embrace for those who are truly alive. Living in the light improves every individual and gives freedom the highest definition. To feel the peace is heavenly rewarding in itself, losing that inner peace wastes one from being. On this planet earth we should be thrilled this is only our beginning. Humanity is special as well all are, every single individual is unique. Freewill is a necessity otherwise you’d be robbing them of spirit. Liberty enriches culture and forms the most advanced humans. If people miss the basics than their advancements are worthless and destructive. We need to expand our horizons and let the light of renaissance shine from our hearts to enlighten the world. Christ’s sacrifice already saved mankind, y’all better start acting like it.

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