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in the dream realm

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November 10, 2017 in Offbeat


From a usual conscious perspective from my experience here’s the depiction… In first person; the environment is likely to change in ways when you take your eyes of them if you remember the details, there are somewhat long gaps in time sometimes or maybe that’s just a loss of memory, and dreams do reset mostly from an outside force.

I’ve gone conscious in dreams for what felt like hours but usually that’s when I kept myself moving. And other times they’ll reset dreams in under a minute. ‘They’ being whoever are ruling the dream realm being said gatekeepers and for all I know they are in control of the world too because it’s run by evil as well. What their aim must be is to restrict human consciousness. That’s why they’re so eager to disconnect people from nature and attempt keeping us all contained.

Personally I’ve seen more consciously evil entities than I have those who are good while being the dream realm. It’s easy to tell by the look in their eyes and the way they act, especially once they become exposed and really begin to show themselves. The good ones are calm in demeanor usually and they’ll talk with you until usually one question gets you kicked out the dream realm. I dunno who is in control of this shit but there are many different forces at work. I guess maybe it all depends on who is your god. The bible did there are many false gods and there’s only one that’s true. Just because they have ‘power’ now out of sheer will doesn’t mean it’s permanent. People forgotten eternity is already happening and they think it’s only a moment… but they must’ve forgotten life is continuous.

There’s more I’ve been meaning to say but the revelations recently that I’ve gotten from what goes on in the dream realm is getting very uncomfortable to mention. Basically don’t have sex in the dream realm without the consequences of your kids coming to find you later on in life. I’ll just leave it at that for now because I don’t really want to talk about it yet. More importantly I need to say that I’ve tried to master my dreams while being conscious in them. It doesn’t work like that. The best I can do with such an ability is grow nature, like water and plants. But that was just a gift given to me by someone. Maybe this shit is like the goddamn ‘hunger games’ except you don’t want to accept a deal that you’ll regret. The dream realm is largely under rule of evil, atleast currently so. The groups of decent ones seem to be struggling. From what I’ve seen they’re usually constantly running missions. And the only time while being conscious in a dream I’ve made it deep into the wilderness, I was flying fast within an ancient forest. They were in pursuit of me but I had already been free through most of my dream… except for when I was with a woman who was in the group I initially escape with then I went unconscious as we were like lovers.. but being with her taught me a lesson and could tell she was good. Got to feel what heartbreak was like but I understood. Anyways already fucking wrote about all that after it happened. So the last couple years I started taking the dream realm more seriously and that’s when the attacks begun. And I had to do whatever I could.. feelings really do drive your thoughts and actions though, be careful not to always trust one more than the other though. I’ve defeated many enemies and have failed before. Yet one of the worse attacks are them keeping me from moving, trying to restrict me when my dream just started and they know I’m aware. It’s like I’m being studied and not just by the fucking government. They’re learning by our every move trying to figure out how to control us. While conscious in a dream it’s best to stay undetected about your awareness, focus on being good and determined. Don’t always make yourself known until you’re certain the entity is a good one and those people will answer your questions honestly. Be aware because the entities can masquerade as people who are in your life but if you’re aware they will eventually show themselves. Probably a good strategy is to ask them something only the real person would know. Try not to react to their games. The last thing I’ll mention for now is that the dream realm ain’t always what it seems. Even when you come in contact with conscious entities.. I can only theorize at this point but.. it’s like the environment we’re doesn’t look the same to each of us. We’re in the same place but our consciousness are possibly seeing different things in detail. By that I mean our memories might have alot to do with what we see. Now that’s not always the case but it does seem to be when my typical conscious dream begins from the bed I’m asleep in and when they restart it that’s always where I end up.

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