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I passed the test

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February 1, 2017 in Offbeat


I’ve spoken quite a bit on here about conscious dreaming. Recently it’s been happening to me more often than usual and for longer durations. The other night I had two conscious dreams consecutively. They both started off almost exactly the same with me ‘waking up’ and getting out of bed… it seemed very real but I was aware enough to question the authenticity of what’s going on. ‘My dad’ was downstairs and said he was grateful for whatever we went out and did together yesterday or something to that effect which seemed normal. My projector was on in my room and so there was basically a large computer screen on my wall. I looked at the clock and it said 3 a.m. but when I looked out the window in the other room it was bright outside. So that was a dead give away… also I’m so in tune with myself I can tell the difference in feeling. After that the dream restarted but this time I woke up on my couch and wasted no time. ‘My dad’ tried to spit out the exact same line from another position in the other room. I didn’t pay much attention to him and walked away. I was ready to head out the door and then I saw ‘my older sister’ except there was two of them sitting right next to each other just inside the living room. While I was in the entry to the house they tried to talk to me but I didn’t give them much opportunity… and let me mention this right quick.. this is a popular tactic of these entities. They will pose as other people sometimes but what I really wanted to point out is how they use two people talking to you trying to trick ya back into an unconscious trance. If any of y’all out there can conscious dream watch out for that tactic and don’t keep interacting with them… it’s unlikely you’ll remember their responses after you wake up anyways. After i noticed what they were doing I walked away.. then I tried to take flight and get out of there but the ‘gatekeeper’ or some conscious entity of that sorts walked out of the house onto the front porch and made it very difficult for me to fly. The female entity who’ve I’ve never seen in my life before mocked me and said it looked like I was floating around like a balloon. I was this close to flicking her off and if that entity was a male I probably would’ve attacked it. But finally for once I restrained myself… Now I can tell part of the test was to see if I’d lose my temper. So I hit the ground feet first and walked away down the street just to create some distance. A dog ran up looking just like my dog buddy but more in his prime. He wanted to play fetch so I did for a while but got a little nervous that he might bite me and it was a distraction anyways so I threw the ball into someones gated yard a ways away where he couldn’t retrieve it. By the way the only reason I was cautious about that is because something happened to me the other year and now I can feel pain in dreams but not so much to the extent of reality… that’s just a side note though so my advice for anyone who can dream consciously is watch out for small to medium sized strange flying creature that tried to attach to your hand.. make sure to kill it if you ever come across one. Back to finishing off what happened in the dream… A playscape was nearby so I climbed up to get a vantage point and chill (which is also good advice) to see what happens next. Suddenly the wilderness begun to return in front of me. The street turned into a river and there was lush vegetation all around. Behind me was still the city and I tried to immerse it all around but couldn’t. Eventually I could faintly hear the voice of the love of my life talking about us. Her voice was coming out of a speaker and I got down to put my ears up close to better hear what she was saying. I started to lose my awareness and then thought it was a message being left on the phone. I tried to wake myself up but I only ended up resetting into another dream and grabbed the phone only to be moments too late. I went to call her back but then I woke up for real. So maybe I failed on that last part but what she was saying seemed very significant.

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