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goddamn succubuses

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October 22, 2017 in Offbeat


They almost fucking had me. During the dream I was at a restored Mayan-like temple. It was ancient but looked good as new or even better. I was in a group being led by a guide. He was explaining things as a tour guide would and my closest friend was there. This was all just to draw me into their lair though.

I got into the main living area and inside the place looked alot like a regular house. There was a big window viewing out into the sea— sidenote: had some kind of industrial tubes and pumps attached to the building. Overall I was intrigued by how homey it was. I asked my friend if anyone lived there. He wasn’t sure but didn’t think so. As the ‘tour group’ went on I stayed behind when I noticed three physically very beautiful grown females. One was older, got the sense she was the mother. The other two were possibly sisters but I didn’t know. I approached one and went semi lucid, talked for a moment. We briefly kissed, the other one approached and I gave her a quick kiss on the lips… then went back and kissed the first one again. They both were very much interested in me. Then at some point as they were trying to be with me one of them made a comment saying “I’ll let you out 15 minuets a day”. I thought she was joking.. and I wasn’t fully consciously aware yet that I was dreaming, so I didn’t have all of my wits in those moments. We went upstairs, I had both of them at my sides under my arms. They were leading me to the bedroom. Right before we were about to enter.. I remembered that one comment she had made and I snapped out of the spell. It suddenly made sense that they planned on enslaving me for eternity or something like that. I backed off and they could tell what my reaction was all about. They showed their true form which was vampiric. They started coming towards me in attack mode looking like they wanted to feast on me. I fought back but they wouldn’t die. Bullets couldn’t kill them or anything else I tried. All I could do was harm them but not kill them and they had no wounds eithers. I somewhat tried to use my mind to alter things and do whatever might end their existence… none of that worked. They both eventually came at me with knives. I think they even stabbed me a few times. I ended up blowing them away off of the balcony into some water below. Thought that maybe they’d melt like the fucking ‘wicked witch of the west’… of course that didn’t work though. They still came back at me and when they were heading up the stairs again, I decided to back out of the dream by waking myself up. They tried to reset the dream making me think I was really waking up but I was still lucid and quickly shook myself awake forreal. Then I went back to sleep and had a very pleasant rest and some good dreams.

Update: I just realized that I could’ve defeated them but I was fighting out of fear. Damn vampiric like entities are scary mothafuckas because they never show any signs of being afraid. The evil look in their eyes is fucking terrifying. My mistake was fighting out of fear instead of using the power of love in the fight to defeat the enemy.

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