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goddamn demons… do they wanna get merked?

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June 16, 2017 in Offbeat


In my dreams I’ve become something like a hound dog… can’t say I like this ability very much but now I can find the evil gatekeepers in the dream realm much easier. During the first unconscious dream I entered a conference room with my sister. She explained to me that my dad was looking to fulfill a couple high positions in an organization and if I wanted could get an easy high paying job. I don’t care much working for money but I stuck around. The room eventually got filled up and the presentation was ongoing. A random little asian dude sat next to me. For some reason there was a woman in the front corner of the room playing the violin with a few other people playing instruments. The guy sitting next to me asked if he could see the instrument. He started playing in a very unorthodox fashion but he said this was his first time and everybody was impressed. Eventually we were sitting in the back of the room talking some and eventually he told me to shut up so that he could hear the presentation. After waking up I realized what it really was he wanted to control the conversation and I was probably getting close to asking the question that could make me suspicious enough to go conscious. I kept talking and told him not to be disrespectful towards me and then might’ve threatened to beat his ass. Started cracking stereotypical jokes saying bet he knew karate. He tried to show me some moves sorta shadow boxing really close in front of me. I damn near started laughing because even though he was fast I could tell those moves lacked power. Eventually he got upset enough to start spitting at me and his demonic stench begun to get revealed. I told him to cut it out and if he did that one more time that I was going to smash his head in. He spit at my face a few more times… I decided to instead just get up and get everybody’s attention to get him kicked out for spitting at me, even though it was embarrassing as fuck having to tell. I only did that because would’ve felt bad fighting someone so much smaller than me. Later on I was chilling in a recreation room with a couple of my friend when I suddenly went conscious in the dream. I straight up told those two entities that this is just a dream but I don’t expect them to believe me… they didn’t seem to either, apparently they were just regular unconscious entities. Then that little demonic entity showed up looking for a fight again, smelling strongly like sulfur. He started throwing little ninja stars at us. We dodge them and all three of us whooped the shit out of him. Probably should’ve just killed him but I don’t think that’s what we intended and the dream ended probably before we could’ve. The other dream I was unconscious chilling with some people at a small indoor skatepark. I wasn’t there long before smelling the stench of sulfur again but I was still unconscious and before I might’ve went conscious somebody around here woke me up for no good reason. Obviously there was another one of those demonic entities there… now that I can smell them it’s much easier to find out who the ’gatekeepers or overseers’ are. It’s disgusting though, the smell is so real that when I woke up could still taste the smell in the back of my throat. I need to outsmart them but it’s like they give me no choice but to kill them. I need to try and up my abilities to a wider range of powers so I don’t have to keep resorting to a physical fight all the time. It’s almost like this shit never ends but I’m definitely getting somewhere and hope it’s a positive progression.

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