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October 19, 2017 in Offbeat


To the woman… I wasn’t very sober everytime we spoke. That one time I told you that my parents let my best friend live here with us after getting kicked out of his crib, was sleeping on the couch in my room for weeks.. really it was actually months straight and I had forgotten it was that long. Which back then was fine by me because we were getting high everyday until I got fed up about somethings and not getting much solitude. Before he came to stay with us–and then had ultimately came to be homeless thereafter, was staying in the driveway of his future/ex fiancee’s mother’s driveway and then moved back into the hood in the house his mother vacated which ended up getting sold…. okay shortly before all of that went down and more… I had gotten kicked out of my house for about a week or so and I don’t even remember why but than again I was getting into a lot of trouble back then just because of how the system be. My closest homie hid me in his rich/doctor dad’s crib for a while and I’d only be out in the open during the day like I just came to visit. But really he had my back, making it so I could get through this which was in my late teens/early twenties whenever I really needed somewhere to stay at for a while… and for some rich folks they barely kept much in the fridge. Shit went down there that was very telling to me overall and am grateful to know what’s up.

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