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Finding love: Freedom Lovers

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June 21, 2012 in Offbeat


Patriots looking for love…what do you think about sub categories added to the Freedom Daters Group? Grouping people by age and seriousness etc…

What are your thoughts?


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80 responses to Finding love: Freedom Lovers

  1. I wish the start page was setup like my yahoo page. I could control what I wanted to see up dates on. Which group I was in would have the current stories/articles on it last three at least. A link to go to that group for all if I wanted . If I make a comment on something any additional comments would be be there to see where the string was going. Specifically for the dating site: I’d like to be able to set a filter for what I think I’d be compatible with. When someone, who might be compatible: joins a sub group/ regional location/makes a comment or post a story (maybe). You know something that catches my attention as being interesting/insightful/funny. Or the opposite hateful/ignorant/or (insert sheep sound here). In which case, you’d omit them from popping up on your radar any longer.


  3. tall telepathic alien w/ touch of gray looking for same

  4. Music tastes is important…

  5. Need male seeking male and female seeking female. Also need bi seeking male or female. Most if not all dating places have that. Seeking age range too needed, agree with location and distance (or state) important. These things can get it started, the more the better though.

  6. I agree with adding subcategories like distance from zip code like within 20 miles. Is Kristi Hightower single, she’s got beauty and intelligence. I also like when she wears her “Tina Fey Glasses”.

  7. Joe said on June 25, 2012

    It would be nice if there was a way to describe just how much your into the ‘real news’. For me, I need a partner/mate with whom I can readily talk with about the subjects that come across say Alex’s show. I’d like to know if a woman is really new to this or..an old hand. It can take some time and effort to bring a newbie up to speed so..if they could rate themselves on a 5 scale. 1 = newbie and 5 = old hand at it.

    Also, Spirituality is of high importance to me so it would be great to set it up so people could state whether they are religious or not and whether they are spiritual (could be different) or not. For instance a great mate for me would not typically be catholic or jewish for example.

    Location is also important. I am not likely to cross state lines to meet my new mate. Nice to know if they are within driving distance.

    Nice also to be able to easily find the newest members who’ve signed up.

  8. Location for sure, plus age. Doesn’t have to be an over the top deal like some other dating sites but I, for one, would like to know if you even live in the same state as I, which would be the great state of Texas.

  9. At a bare minimum, it should sort by sex, then by age and location.

  10. i think age preferences would be a good sub section

  11. Location location location. The whole point of dating is meeting someone right?

  12. Let’s just start with separating the boys from the girls. My version of this group should have a list of only women, just like all normal dating sites/groups, with their categories for type you are looking for. Actually, this is kind of freaky to be interacting with any guys in a quote, quote, dating group. I can talk to dudes any time.

  13. we dont want to over complicate it…but would love to know location, age, then a brief description next to avatar, so you can filter out quickly those who would not be of interest. Thanks for setting this up :)

  14. Please add the ability to search by location and distance from that location. I live right at the border of MN and WI, so the search needs to be smart enough to ignore geopolitical boundaries. A zip code or town name is a good starting point for matching.

    By the way, matching would be good to have for non-dating situations too. If, for example, there was some political effort at the local level that needed a fast response you might want to have the ability to do a search by county and give folks the ability to enter their street address and determine their congressional district (I presume there is a service out there that can be leveraged to get districting data).

    I look forward to the results from this feedback. Thank you for what you are doing.

  15. You may find a few problems by adding new features. Many dating sites that I’ve been on are all unsuccessful at narrowing searches because these features may leave out everyone. What I mean is that not everyone will know all the “tags” they can use and predetermined tags leave out customization for everyone’s unique tastes and self descriptions. Also compatibility tests are some of the most horrendous of matching applications.

    I would like to suggest a simple approach for now and build from there.

    Age Grouping… Default to 5 Years difference. Anymore years is user choice, however studies have been done and determined most relationships with more then 5 year gap have a higher rate of disaster.

    Musical preferences… Editable as there are ever changing genres of music.

    Television/Shows/Movies… Not Applicable as television is for the most part damaging to the brain. Include it if you really want to.

    Personal Contact: Hide from view by default, however limit the types. Lets try something different? Take Stickam.com for example! What about a web cam conferencing web application to visually and audibly connect people to actually talk and each each other instead of emotionless text and profiles? Who knows, even stickam might be interested in a partnership to develop this as they already have the technology with the shuffle system.

    Social Networking Links: NONE
    Twitter, Facebook and the like have become more of a “who’s got the biggest e-weiner or who’s more popular” system and causes a lot of issues. I personally avoid all types of main-steam social networking sites.

    Relationship Status: NONE
    Your either Single or Not looking. Lets not turn this into a sex swingers or wife swapping site.

    Locational: Proximity to others is very important as long distance relationships tend to be a disaster. Try to keep it by State, County, City unless individuals live near state boarders. Might need mapping software for that. Also a simple way around that is Miles. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50?

    Social Gathering/Safety: See about mapping out locations known to be great places that are very public for first dates and suggest those locations when a user clicks a link for them. Google Restaurant marks could be useful here.

    Anyways, I’m pretty tired right now to keep going with the hundreds of suggestions I have. 14 hour shift at work today so I’m beat.

  16. All of the above!

    • Happy Friday everyone!
      I agree with all the above as well but most importantly let make this more than just a dating site. That’s what crappy eHarmony & Match are for. (Real dogs there!) I know I’d like to be with someone that’s truly into politics, cares what I think & feel -a TRUE partner in equals everything. Someone who isn’t afraid of the “C” word… & I don’t mean Communism! :P

  17. An ‘interests’ search field would be a nice touch. It would be nice to sort through folks with similar hobbies.

  18. I think that location is big if we are hoping to meet someone to actually date. Other things such as age could be nice along with interests.

  19. I just had an epiphany! My name on PlentyofFish is mike0dd . If we collaboratively use this with other sites it might really spread like a virus!

    • I agree with Mike. Facebook is a trap. We can totally use other sites like POF to spread the word, as I often do. This would recruit more people to our cause and as long as we didn’t get too pushy about it, would be a great way to wake some people up. Good thought, Mike. I’m Sandrock73 on POF. Feel free to add me as a friend here.

  20. Great, Kristi! How do we do it? Would be great if there was a way to search for people in our age range or location. Also, would love to be able to search for people with same religious beliefs.

  21. Let’s make this more free, like privacy should be. Give us the options to put our age, race, LOCATION, intentions, etc… and let the liars lie (in their own dung preferably) and let those that want to share publicly do so. This is a site for freedom loving Americans. I doubt too many will be duped into divulging info they didn’t intend. Dating is already complicated… and very hard (internet-wise) when not able to categorize ourselves a little bit more… if its in danger of being an unknowingly spreadable use of information, how about an additional agreement page to use the dating portion of this site… I’d love to meet a lady in the greater Phoenix area who’s between 20 and 40 with a supportive appreciation for the arts and liberty. How about a ton of optional categorical preferences? (Sorry for the long windedness… I’m not much into chat). Thanks!

  22. Wow! So many replies. It seems that it would make it way too complicated with all the suggestions. There could be a little more info in the profile section. I think many may be kind of leary about revealing too much about themselves. Let’s face it folks, the NSA already knows everything about us anyway. But seriously, if you’re into meeting someone for a little T&A or if you’re looking for a LTR, why not just be honest with yourself and whoever you are interested in. Honesty is the best way to start any kind of relationship.

  23. Those of us that want to make a thirty to ninety second video would help.

    I am not too technical. Does this site have the capacity for us to leave videos??

  24. Basicly it would help if this sight had age, location, and relationship goals. I am a beleaver of the kiss method. Keep it simple. A 20 year old MAY NOT be looking for a partner that is 90, like wise some one in the us may not be looking for some one in the uk. Also some people are looking for a one night stand, and other are looking for a life time partner. Thanks for your time. Maddog.

  25. I think location is very important. I live in Northern Ireland; obviously it would not be practical for me to meet someone from another country.

  26. At least block people who don’t know what a peacemaker is. Am I right Hoxycowboy? LMAO, Keep the faith brother!

  27. I agree 100%. Thanks!
    I say we just copy the format of match.com, christian mingle,or plentyofish or whatever. I know they have a testing system (algorithm) integrated into the questionnaire as you sign up. Its mostly just a psychological test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to categorize the applicants. I’m sure just a short form test would be sufficient.
    It would be great to have a psychological perspective on how to match people. Plus I think women would take it more seriously if the testing was accurate. So far I find this site a beta sausage fest. I am hoping for a serious approach to love on this site. I think we could get it with some simple solutions for matching. Thanks Kristi!

  28. Maybe we should all just boldly list all of our faults first. I’ll bet we aren’t all that bad compared to one another. Then, we could say, “Well, I can deal with you, if you can deal with me, now that we have the past out of the way… How are ya? Nice to meet you.” … just an idol thought… You first! lol

    • Deal! I have a bit of asperger’s syndrome, but I’m an artist. I am a bit of a work-a-holic, unless I’m in a relationship that tends to be well suited sexually, which leads me to being a sex-a-holic, which can lead to long term bad relationships. I am very responsible… which may sound nice, but it can mean that I would rather stay home when I can’t (or don’t want to) afford going out. I wear old clothes till they are literally unwearable. I drink. It’s not irresponsible but it can be excessive at times. If I think of any more faults in the near term I’ll be happy to post. Great idea by the way… I almost feel like I should have my ex-girlfriend’s write it for me though.

  29. We need facial recognition, coupled with an algorithm, comparing our online habits, search histories, and potential political views to determine a ‘liberty Quotient’ defining who we are,and whether we could adapt to a relationship that matters.

    • I hear they have mosquito drones… in a related but bizarre side note, imagine being able to have something always nearby to analyze our behavior… then imagine Malcom X… “we must first be acceptable to ourselves before we can be acceptable to others”… something sort of like a modern confessional without a church… I think to truly make sense of that, we have to understand why God is important. All this technology can so easily make itself seem so important… EMP! Holy crap! Internet dating? Yep… I fell for it too… :P

  30. Sounds great Kr1sti,

    Am one of the serious people here looking for a mate. Pattern the site after Plenty Of Fish, not to close you don’t want to get burned.

    Thank you, for taking the lead on this.

  31. If they are on this site they are like minded… So important stuff for dating…Age. location. Sex. Smoker/Nonsmoker. Height/weight. Religion. And what are they looking for ie long term, friends, casual and since its a prepper site how about Alie or networking.

  32. Can I ask a question. Not that I am against the dating forum or this article itself but why does this article have over 30 replies while other articles have few or mostly none?

    • Well, Alex promoted this for years as being a place for freedom lovers to hook up, so the whole premise was dating in the first place. So, in the back of our minds, all us singles who realize hooking up with someone you have to explain the NWO to (and bring up to speed) is not really an option, and have been waiting for this to eventuate… hence the popularity of this thread…

      One of the biggest hinderences to finding a partner is this exact issue… “We” know about the NWO and their agenda… And personally, the idea of becoming romantically involved with someone who has no idea about it is a COMPLETE, WASTE, OF, TIME!!!. It’s one thing to be called a kook by the media but entirely another when it’s your girlfriend… Then, there’s the “Christ” issue… You non-christians, welcome to OUR world…

      As a christian I have to find someone “Awake” AND “saved”…Lol… Are you for REAL?”

      It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack… I give up, lol…

      • Never give up, thats like you’ll die for your country rather than surviving for your country to get home. And when you do find that needle, brother it will be worth the wait.

  33. I think locations would be a great add. Not sure about age. I appreciate your efforts to improve the group. Thanks

  34. Sounds like a good idea to me. I agree on age, location, political affiliation & religion. I also agree the use of avatars allows someone to “hide” their actual sex, though it’s easy for someone to post another’s picture.

  35. I would ad location sub groups, That would be a great way to start. You can maybe add a advanced search engine with drop down tabs, for people to narrow their searches. Either way Excellent feedback for all posters.I wish you all freedom

  36. Location, or general location would be nice. Age I am not worried about, meeting and associating with like minded people, weather they are my age, or not, is good. What happens from there, time will tell.

  37. Lots of great ideas above, but one thought: If you subdivide the “Dating” area into a thousand sub groups based on age, sex, location, etc., I think you defeat the purpose. How about, iinstead, we leave this common group alone, and simply revise the web page so beneath the avatar, it also lists State/Country/Age/Sex, possibly more? At a glance you’d know each poster’s age, sex and location. Solves most of the complaints. Extract the data from our profiles. People with incomplete profiles yield “blanks” for these fields, maintaining their anonymity. We already have the ability to create our own groups. Like mine, “Wisconsin Singles” for example.

  38. I’m all for it I get tired of being thought of as a crazy person because I like to discuss real issues, I have no clue who’s on what show or what pop star slept with another one an could care less so sounds great to me!

  39. Age and location are important.

  40. I agree with the above -location,age, political affiliation wuld b nice bc there r some dis-qualifiers 4 me with that-and occupation wuld b nice.

  41. i agree definitly by sex and location.
    i also think you hit the nail on the head with seriousness. there are a lot of trolls that have begun to hang out and post lots of unrelated info and pictures. also some have female avatars that are infact male users that are trolling quite a bit. this really destroys the credibility of the site

  42. needs an area on profile & or this group to post more pix. also absolutely sub cat’s. location,age,interest’s,personality,stat’s etc. also can anyone helpout on how to post vid’s & or articles here. i feel a dummy stump right now lol

    On With “THE SHOW”

  43. it would work if there was some kind of subregional search engine. I would love to find people near to me so I can actually meet them :) thnx!

  44. you need to have it by state, age range and interest. most 20 yr olds are not looking to get married off the the bat

  45. The FIRST problem I see is there’s no ‘localization’. We cannot meet like-minded people in our own geographical areas without individual, geographical areas! Or specific city-search. Without localization, ie being able to search and/or view people within our own areas, it’s useless. :(

  46. Of course location is very important. It is nice to at least be in the same FEMA region. Seriously, being able to find fellow preppers within 50, 100, 150 miles is important. Being within commuting distance is very nice when getting to know someone.

  47. I would suggest to have a format much like typical dating sites. Basic info, pictures, likes and things that are important to have in common etc. As a Christian, a person’s spirituality is very important. Frankly, everyone has “qualifiers” that they look for such as faith, height, body type (pictures are worth thousands of words) and what is important qualities they are looking for in a mate.

  48. If you must categorize, then I would categorize by location and sex.

  49. Totally in need of more sub categories… Age, gender, state and maybe even religion

  50. YES needs more sub categories!!!!
    age sex location

  51. Win said on June 21, 2012

    Search engine, same like in dating sites, where you can choose at least age and location.

  52. I think one of the biggest improvements might be categorizing people by where they live first, then by age range.

  53. I think age grouping is important. Somehow you need to draw in more men. Good men. Men that dont use cussing as a way of trying to get a womans attention. I am not sure where the educated prepper men are.

  54. I think that sounds great Kr1sti

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