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Facts About Adorable Little Kittens

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March 10, 2013 in Offbeat


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Fact About Adorable Little Kittens

by: Sam “I Be” Di Gangi.

It has been said that when Rome was falling, the people only cared about the circus and cake. That truth is often lost in current generations, but what it means is that as long as we have a circus (Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kayne) and cake then the entire world can literally fall down all around us and no one will do much of anything to stop it.

I recently noticed and shared an adorable photo of a cat with a split color face on the Correct Views Facebook which got the same or more attention than just about anything else posted that week. No one else has a greater love for animals than yours truly (unless ones counts those basket-weavers in the nutcase brigade called PETA), but that week was news on many things that are far more important than the cuteness of a cat.

I reached a conclusion that in order to bring in the average internet user, one must have cute baby animals on display, and that is what this article shall do. From the top to the bottom of this article, the reader will find cute and “fuzzy” facts about kittens….never mind any of the news around it.

FACT ONE: New-born kittens have issues regulating their body temperatures, and this leads to them crawling atop another, which is often seen shortly after their ADORABLE BEYOND ALL REASON births.

MEANWHILE….the top roof of Chernobyl is falling in! Fukushima is in mid-cover up even as we speak, but already it is thought to not only be the greatest nuclear disaster on record, but the worst disaster in recorded history according to experts like Dr. Chris Busby. The only other nuclear disaster that’s even on the proverbial radar in terms of absolute magnitude is Chernobyl. In 1986, a series of human errors and mechanical letdowns lead to a disaster so bad that it helped bring down the Soviet Union as well as poisoning areas of Russia and other parts of Europe so badly that to this day the true scope of the human deformities are not even fully known.

While no one reported that radiation leaked (search the words “PLUME GATE” for more on this option of not being reported), NHK News did report that some workers were sent home as a precaution. The bigger picture here is that the containment of this structure is itself a work of human pride. MANY workers died the worst deaths known to man; that being the price that they paid as they removed radioactive rubble that “glowed” so badly that…[Continue Reading]

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  1. WANT MOAR KITTEH, and the rext of the article was pretty cool too

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