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everything ain’t always what it seems (dream chronicles)

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November 18, 2017 in Offbeat


I slept for like twelves hours straight and had alot of dreams as usual. At first they were regular dreams and then the next half were mostly lucid. As far as I can tell they’re turning the heat up on me ever since I started becoming more powerful. And I dunno who to trust in the dream realm anymore… doesn’t appear to be many good people left. Because that’s the thing.. the demonic entities can wear a mask and appear as good until you expose them. But that doesn’t happen the other way around obviously… So even when someone appears decent, are they really? Are they just becoming more effective in their deception?

That one woman from days ago who I thought was showing me how to make a portal. Well I was given the opportunity to give it a shot where she showed me but apparently what she did wasn’t what I had thought. The dream started with me getting out of bed realizing instantly that this is just a dream… it’s gotten very easy for me to tell just by the atmosphere of it all. I got outside and some entity imposed as my dad tried to stop me and restrict my movement but I played it off… then I was able to easily move freely. Went to the area that woman showed me but apparently what she did was give me a spot where I’m possibly safe to chill at without the other entities messing with me. I got up into a tree and rested there comfortably for a while. Eventually a conscious entity showed up and from her demeanor/look in her eyes she appeared to be good. She got up in the tree with me and we talked for a while. At some point I started getting memorized by her beauty. When I started focusing on her physical appearance.. it was like all of the sudden she started aging or something and the dream got cut off.

I went back to sleep, the dream reset and I’m back where I started getting out of bed again. I forgot to mention that during both these dreams it was a nighttime setting. I walked down the street the opposite direction this time and took off flying. Was able to move without restrictions and fly faster than I have in a long time. Eventually a feeling came through me and I couldn’t control my elevation anymore. Was getting taken high up into the sky and took me all the way into outer space. I was a little afraid because I don’t like being taken far away from the earth. This is the second dream I had flying with my body through outer space and the first that I remember the transition from here to there. When I got up there the stars bunched up and started swirling around as I was traveling. It was like they were trying to tell me something. But of course the dream got cut off before I could understand the significance.

More dreams happened where either they begun lucid or I became aware sometime during the dream. They’d usually get cut off though and the timing highly suggests that atleast something is monitoring them. On another note during one segment I was trapped in some goddamn facility where I’ve never been before. There was some kind of monstrous creature trying to kill me. Usually I’m able to face these things but I was unarmed. Which that wasn’t really the issue. It’s that this thing was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and would always run at me without hesitation, not giving me much time to react. That mothafucka killed me like three times in a row until I went off into one of the rooms which resulted in a couple kinda strange yet related dream segments and atleast I was safe there. The last dream I had was chilling in a large group and we were all chiefing in a big apartment. Eventually we made our way to some plaza and took that place over. Most of us were skateboarders and I guess there was some sort of competition planned. It was a pleasant day and at some point I had become aware but didn’t reveal that I knew that this was just a dream. We were pretty much all just skating and smoking weed out in the open. The freedom felt really good. One thing I noticed again though is that when you start to play along with a dream gotta stay focused… or else the lines become blurred. For instance sometimes I’ve believed that I could physically take what I had in the dream realm back to this reality. Of course it doesn’t work like that no matter how real the dream feels.

What I’m wondering is if there is some overview where they’re watching my dreams from or if it’s just the entities that they impose themselves as who are monitoring me. I have more that I wanted to say but that’s enough for now…

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