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Everybody should take LSD at least once or be regarded as an intellectual infant.

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November 26, 2012 in Offbeat


Think you know what’s going on in the world? How can you be so sure? You may not even know what going on in your own mind. Step outside of the big box in your skull and have a good look at yourself in the mirror of your own psyche by dropping a tab or two.

CS Lewis once wrote about perspective by examining a beam of light in a dusty barn. If one was born in the beam of light then light is all they would know about reality. Unless this one steps out of the beam and examines the context, they may never know that they are in fact in a barn. Looking at the light from within the beam and looking at the beam from without are fundamentally different experiences. One may be on the precipice of a paradigm shift.

We read a lot of different opinions on this site but I am inclined to disregard any perspective that is one dimensional. A new criteria for the serious consideration of any opinion is that the opinion is form by an experience both within and without any given beam of light. That goes for everybody; theists, atheists, agnostics, working class heros, politicians, talk show hosts, unless you have done LSD or some other mind altering, paradigm altering drug then your opinion is one dimensional, limited, stunted and in need of revision.

…or this could merely be the rantings of a acid taking crazy man. Either way, Im proud of having the courage to enter the great unknown. Death, where is your sting?

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10 responses to Everybody should take LSD at least once or be regarded as an intellectual infant.

  1. I find hallucinogens do tend to broaden your horizons and can be very therapeutic when used properly…

  2. And only a truely awaken person will smash himself in a face with a hammer! You people who have never smashed yourself in a face with a descent hammer are all asleep, you have not opened your mind enought, you live under a spell of TV and consumer society, that smashing yourself with a hammer in a face is “not cool” and “could hurt” and all the yada yada bull they stuff into your brains on a daily basis!

    Experience without reason is a dream folks! Don’t buy into this elites promoted “do the drugs”, “drive-trough experience for some money” type of crap. True spirituality does not need drugs and is not and easy thing you can achieve just in a day or two.

    • It’s true that true spirituality won’t come from drugs. They can help, however, which is one reason why marijuana remains illegal, in my humble opinion anyways.

      Your idea that people experiment/experience drugs because the elite tell them to is a bit off though.

      Plus you seem pretty high strung, you should smoke a bowl and remove the ‘strung’ part of your problem.

      If you think I’m confusing true spirituality, that I don’t have the “right thinking” on the matter because I’m not parroting bible verses or something, please remember;

      Religion is the opiate of the masses.

    • If you smash yourself and I observe that it benifits your health I will be more prone to smash my face. Your analogy is poor, hammers are not to be compared to the drugs I refer to, you would know that if you had done them.

  3. Hahahahaha is this a coincidence that infowars posted this on the same day, or is that what you were referring to the whole time?


  4. Ehhh… I just don’t appreciate segregation, and dividing based on supposed intellect is one of the easiest, most popular way.

    Are you experienced? Well I am. You might be surprised that half of all the religious writers on here have probably done 10x just of the drugs you’ve heard of before they were saved. Cid doesn’t turn everyone into Terrance McKenna, I’ve seen good friends go off the deep end.

    Plato’s allegory of the cave would be another example of literature trying to get people to wake up. I consider those that have studied philosophy as intellectual adults, even wise old men with the most staggering insight… and not even some of them know what LSD is.

    That’s my opinion, but goes further, that it is self-evident that all were created equal and we all have basic inalienable rights including free speech. It doesn’t do good to marginalize and segregate based on experiences you may be biased on

    Click below my face to read my stuff, there’s plenty about marijuana and alcohol.

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