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August 29, 2017 in Offbeat


Those who act tough don’t last very long out here in these streets. The system encourages people’s own demise. Either protect your ego or protect life. Can’t exactly have both. It pisses me off. People have barely ever fucked with me but when they see no fear in my eyes they back off and we keep the peace. This one time as I was skating down the street some person in an SUV busted my head open with a coke can. I saw they were getting stopped by a red light so I chased them down. I was about to beat the shit out of their car with my skateboard until one of them got out and then knock their block off. Yet they took a quick turn before I could reach them. What they did didn’t physically hurt me much, it was just the audacity of it all. And why I was enraged wasn’t due to wanting revenge but to teach them a lesson so they don’t try that shit on anyone else ever again. I’m driven by righteous justice, not revenge to wrong a wrong… fuck perpetuating the problem. Something else that I learned which cracks me up… is on rare occasion as I’m walking down the street some young punks will hang out of their car window yelling some shit and flicking me off. I then toss up the deuces to them and the instant reaction of their faces is priceless.

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