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dreamt of an earthquake

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December 8, 2017 in Offbeat


That’s the first time this has ever happened to me in a dream. And so other than the earthquake I’m not saying that this would ever happen but I was being told something. The dream lasted for what felt like hours straight in my sleep, it was intense and probably partly why I feel a little worn out today. It begun with one of my friends who I grew up with, he lives just down the street from here with his woman. In this dream he had just bought an apartment in a fancy old historic high rise complex in New York City. A bunch of people he knows around our age traveled there to celebrate. I remember being up in his new apartment with alot of other people and some of us were rolling up blunts, this was all during nighttime. It was all lightheartedness and care free. A bunch of us went up to the roof to smoke weed. After that we planned on going out to see the sights, most of us had never been in that city before. Some people didn’t want to go out but we all decided to because that’s what the person we all came there for wanted to do. As we were chillen, almost right after forming a smoke circle on the roof an earthquake struck. Not far off in the distance a tall building collapsed but my friend told us not to worry because this building we were on is reinforced… yet I could see parts of the very building falling apart off the side. We wanted to get away from the edges of the roof… too many of us gathered in one area and that part of the roof caved in. The earthquake was over but we all hurried up trying to get down the stairwell. Nobody panicked too much after it was over, we were gonna carry on with the plans we had to go out that night since the rest of us were probably leaving the next day. We went back by the room before we left the building, my homie who I came there to see gave me a revolver and told me to keep it. After we got outside I suddenly remembered forgetting to grab something so I went back inside to get it. Now this is where the dream takes a huge turn… and wont detail much because the rest of the dream went on for a long time and alot of shit happened. Shortly after entering back into the building and before I could get onto the elevator troops stormed in and they sealed the doors. It turns out they wired the building to demolition it and wanted to make sure we stayed inside while that happened. I quickly knew it was all bad without them even telling me… soldiers holding assault rifles telling us to stay calm and that we are not allowed to leave…. plus were killing those that wouldn’t obey.. well us intelligent ones were immediately looking for an exit. It took me a while and alot went down along the way but I found a way out. I even saw the leader of the group who issued orders to destroy and trap us within the building was a Samuel L. Jackson looking mothafucka. I’m not sure if they were paramilitary or what but their plot ended up getting foiled.

I walked around NYC looking for where my friends went. Made some friendly encounters early on along the way but then mostly ran into weirdos. Made me glad that my friend gave me a gun. What was really strange is as the city was collapsing and on fire people were mostly carrying on as business as usual. Anyways the definition in detail in this dream was astounding. I was convinced that the dream was real at the time. I’m not sure what it was all about but probably what I was seeing was the spirit of that city. I grouped up with some people while I was roaming around. At some point we walking down a narrow street surrounded by run down buildings. Ran into a couple clown like creatures there. The midget was acting crazed with a knife approaching me like he wanted to kill so I shot him in the head since he wouldn’t back off despite my warnings. Right after I did that the larger clown who was just standing around poked one of my new homies with a needle as we were passing by and tried to get me too but it broke. That person I was with shortly after ended up dying and I could also feel the effects of the poison but I carried on. Eventually somehow ended up by myself again trying to locate where my friends were. It was daytime when I came across an open concert. It was a bunch females doing a song. They were protesting getting banned from the mainstream and they were calling out Bill Clinton being a rapist and him just getting elected. Made me think this dream was all happening in the 90s even though I was my age in the dream yet a child back then. I was standing off to the side and the lead singer looking alot like Nicki Minaj wanted to fuck with me. She was twerking her pussy and ass on me. Then she said something, I forget exactly what.. but it made me suspicious that she could’ve been a tranny so I got the fuck out of there.

I ended up seeing more buildings collapse and on fire. Encountered alot more people and was running low on ammo, although I’m not sure if I had to kill anyone else other than that dumbass clown. It was nighttime again had decided to head back to my friend’s apartment to see if anyone was there now. One thing that happened along the way was I grouped up with three dudes who seemed cool but it turned out the police were after them. While we were trying to escape out of a house, we were on the roof and some police surrounded the building and were shooting to kill. I had just met them and had nothing to do with/didn’t even know what they potentially had done wrong… but the police had no intentions of taking them in alive. I was carrying around a bat for some reason and only had a few bullets left if that. I decided to just throw my hands up, walked away to the other side of the roof which was towards one of the cops and just to get somewhere I could get myself off got of the roof and out of there. It was shocking to me that the police didn’t kill me with the rest of them but they must’ve already known I was innocent. After a while I caught a ride with a couple of women… shit was like an open horse carriage or something. I made it back to the building where my friend’s apartment was. Not long after I got there another strong earthquake or two happened which largely disabled the elevators and people died. I was still on the main level in the entrance when that same large military squad came back trying to keep us all in the building and contained there while they planned on detonating the entire structure. I was shitty that I came back because this time was alot harder to get out of the building. Felt like I was stuck in there alot longer than last time. Some of us were smart enough to try to escape. Sometimes even had to blend in with the troops to get passed them which was easier for me because I’m a man and of the age. I recall possibly even have to kill some of them in the hallways to get by when there weren’t many of them around and we took their uniforms. I just wanted a way out and wasn’t going to sit around to die there. One of the last things I remember was being with a couple other people trying to escape. We were in a large open room on the main floor, after we slipped past some guards–who looked like they were putting people into some sort of groups to keep them contained… well we thought we found an open exit so I climbed up there to see but it was a permanently sealed window built deep into the wall and was designed to let sunlight in. I tried to break through myself but couldn’t and I think the people I were with dipped off because they didn’t think we could get through. All of the sudden one of the people outside who was passing by saw me trying to get out and he used a tool he had to quickly shatter the glass and ran off. Apparently there were people outside of the building trying to help people get out. Shortly after I got outside and was trying to get away the explosions started going off. I remember the glass from the windows being shattered from each bomb exploding, even got a big shard of glass in my arm.. which even in the dream physically hurt bad as I pulled it out. There was large debris falling from the building and sometimes crushing people around me. I kept running as far as I could to distance myself from the soon totally collapsed structure. And that was the end of it and I woke up.

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