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dream realm: the examination and manipulation defeated

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November 27, 2017 in Offbeat


How it’s done is really fucking crafty… the system they’ve came up with is only difficult. The further you get the higher the difficulty and might seem easy at first until movements are being tracked. That’s why they despise unpredictability… makes life harder to control. They use diversity to make assumptions instead of embracing the fact that we’re all different. Everyone is an individual and deserves respect as such. Although we are all connected I cannot be responsible for your actions. Force requires domination and life doesn’t need any of that. The system has always done injustice and it ain’t gonna change. People.think value comes in money but really it’s a lost cause.

What I came here to write, or atleast what I meant to, was this… I had a ‘remote viewing’ dream and watched some woman who was stuck in the dream realm. None of these people in this dream I had ever seen before.. it seemed so real when I woke up it took me some moments to realize that it wasn’t a movie I had just watched. What happened was this woman also could lucid dream but somehow got trapped in that realm. She kinda panicked about it yet kept her cool. It became extremely noticeable to me by what I was seeing what was happening is that the people ruling there weren’t really human. They looked like people but couldn’t always keep up appearances and would creep into the darkness revealing their true form. Almost as if their lives depended on it like they were coming up for air or whatever. From what I witnessed they could hardly be physically considered humanoid. I couldn’t even begin to describe them other than they had mostly purple skin, some kind of tentacles, and they were physically larger than the human disguise they covered themselves in. Well anyways.. so what happened was two ‘defectors’ who either were ‘one of them’ or possibly humans that had been working ‘for them’ felt sorry about what she was going through and informed her. She was led to walking in on two of the creatures as they were steeping into the shadows in a room uncloaking themselves. That’s when she knew and somehow quickly squaded up with a pretty diverse group and went around that city killing them all. There was alot of action and it got handled really steadfast. I dunno what the fuck they were either… but obviously their entire goal was to control the earth.

Directly after that dream segment I was in a car full of some people I knew driving somewhere, unaware that I was dreaming. The entities asked me about the movie “They Live” and if I wanted there to be a sequel. I honestly answered that I would’ve liked that but had to have “Roddy Piper” as the main character just like the first one. It wasn’t until I woke up that noticed their reaction to me in essence just referring to the original.. and they were testing me to profile.

Now I ain’t fucking saying aliens rule the goddamn world or anything like that but there’s obviously something else out there that we don’t really know about. The world makes questioning such seem insane but really that’s just all the more reason to question said authority. There’s always more to reality than what they’re telling us. Anyways don’t always trust whatever you see in your dreams.

=-this dream was from some days ago and due to the nature of this content was hesitant to document it but y’all know me ain’t gonna hold back life

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