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dream realm: new entity spotted

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July 18, 2017 in Offbeat


Just when I thought shit was getting better… last night while dreaming I ran into an entity probably even worse than the vampiric ones. I don’t know what to call it and whatever it is… it’s lucky I didn’t go lucid in any of the dreams. During the first dream from a remote viewing perspective I watched it effortlessly kill an adult male and harvest his organs out in the open. It looked like a regular person, some older male with a dark lumberjack looking beard, but later I found out that was a disguise. During the next part, it was night and I was in my backyard when I saw that entity dragging the organs underground into barrow hidden in my yard underneath the pile of firewood. We were standing maybe 50 feet from each other, I got a clear view of its true form… how the entity looked was it had almost see thru skin, was hairless, and it didn’t appear to have eyes yet it did… the only reason I could tell is because from the blinking motion it’d make. The entity saw me right before it was about to go into its burrow and we both stood there staring at each other. What the entity didn’t expect was my next reaction… even though I thought this was real.. I stood my ground, looked at it right in the eyes, and kept making the ‘cut throat’ motion and then pointing at that entity. Letting it know that I was ready to kill it with my bare hands. Obviously that entity was a very skilled killer but it got the hint I could be brutal if I had to. My lack of fear and willingness to challenge that entity seemed to intimidate it, so after a few moments it scurried off underground. Next I went inside and my parents were there so I informed them what happened. My dad grabbed a rifle checked the backdoor and then I got him to hand it to me and I checked the frontdoor. Then the dream ended and reset. The entity never spoke a word, and obviously it didn’t see or hear like humans do. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life.

The next dream segment started off regular. I remembered the previous dream but at that point I wasn’t aware that I was still in the dream realm. It was a normal day, then later on was chilling downtown with a bunch of friends at some big event and one of them was telling me about a movie he had just seen which he thought was good. After a long while I went back home and was chilling with my siblings. We decided that we’d like to go to the movie theater and so I mentioned the movie that my friend recommended. From what I remember he called it ‘the purge’ or something like that but it wasn’t that real movie. We went to the theater with some other people as well and what happened next was basically torture… the movie had a plotline and everything. It seemed to be about a teenage boy who spotted an entity similar or exactly the same to what I witnessed in the dream and lived to tell/warn about it but nobody believed him. Most of the movie consisted of that entity, while disguised as a human, publicly murdering people out in the open in broad daylight and sometimes harvesting their organs. It was really fucking disgusting, during some of the scenes I even partway put my hand up in front of my face to block out part of my view because I don’t wanna see that shit. Kept saying ‘gross’ because it was really way too much yet that production wouldn’t be beyond Hollywood. The entity kept killing effortlessly in various ways and the people kept acting shocked… even while they were being killed they couldn’t understand why it was happening. I begun to get very frustrated because nobody was fighting back. At one point I got so pissed off about it that I said out loud something to the effect of ”why doesn’t anybody shoot that fucker”. It wouldn’t be hard to blow that entity’s brains out. Not long after that finally there was a scene with a woman who tried to shoot it with a stun gun but missed. I was hoping for something much more lethal though. The worst part about all of this was being forced to watch… telling myself it’s just a movie.. sitting there not able to do anything about it. If I would’ve been conscious I should’ve went ‘blues clues’ on em and jumped through the screen to kill that entity. Watching it take pleasure in murder and then damn near nobody standing up against it… gave me the feeling that this was a sickening parody. Halfway through the movie we all got up and left. I thought we were doing an intermission but fortunately we never went back. Obviously I got setup. Like I said it was torture.

After that a bunch of us went to a gathering at a little house or apartment or whatever and chilled. After a while my love showed up and it was so good to see her but not long afterwards the that dream segment ended. The rest of my dreams went pleasantly for the most part.

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