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dream realm hookup

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October 11, 2017 in Offbeat


I dreamt alot earlier… ended up going conscious ‘lucid’ dreaming for many segments. From what I remember had ran into a couple groups of demonic and vampiric like entities during two separate segments. Had to kill like a dozen of them. I forget how the first time around went but the second time was basically a massacre until I had to fight their leader… she seemed to be one of those vampiric/demon cross breeds, I could tell because was an ‘immortal’ one but didn’t appear full vampire because her group consisted of demons–which are pretty easy to kill. Basically my gun wouldn’t fire when I pointed it at her, and I ended up backing out of the dream before she could get to me… I’m a little ashamed because I usually don’t ever back out of a fight… yet I’m getting very tired of killing since they’re trying to get at me. At some point I was rewarded… not certain exactly when or what for. I woke up from a dream to feel a section of the back right side of my brain being upgraded…. good energy went over for a few moments, and I’m feeling great. During my last dream segments which I went conscious.. ain’t gonna bother with all of the details. It begun with the typical setting of me getting out of bed and instantly being aware of the dream realm. I headed outside and in the entry way I heard some entity who was upstairs impersonating my dad. I got upset because I knew it was a trap and I hate it when they do that. Plus as I’ve said many times the evil entities have an advantage if they can trap you inside a house or in a room. I made my way out the front door and that’s when some outside force attempted to restrict my movements. What happened next is why I’m even writing this… I recalled love being the best power. Not just a word or a feeling but energetically.. like a surge of power and letting it flow. After I activated love was able to move freely on my feet. I tried to fly but that only works if there isn’t any entity anywhere nearby trying to control me. So something out there directed my movement through the air and something gave me the advice to chill in this tree. The tree morphed and carried me down the street. That’s where I met two conscious entities at the corner who seemed like decent people. They took me to meet someone and advised me to run as they followed me. I took off down the street in my bare feet…. it’s interesting how even in the dream realm fatigue from physical activity can set in… and the concrete/rocks didn’t feel too good on my feet. I made it out the hood and saw other people along the way chilling.. I was so happy even waved to a couple. Eventually somehow I lost consciousness and ended up regaining consciousness during another dream segment when I was chilling with some entities who I didn’t know and people who I did. We were on my little basketball court that’s at my side yard on a nice sunny day, partying a little bit. Some interesting things happened there but I just wanna to skip to the last part. I was with three conscious entities, two men and one woman who was the leader… they seemed like decent people too. I remember they said they had to go somewhere so we walked through the house and out to a car parked in the driveway. While she was in the car waiting on the driver to show up… I asked her if I could go with them. She told me that I wouldn’t want to go. Before they were gonna leave and I woke up.. she basically said that they were going on a mission, and mentioned that it had to do with ‘big pharma’, something they made which makes people retarded. I believe it was some sorta liquid… I dunno what the mission consisted of but it was likely to retrieve some information. There was more to it all but I just wanted to make some main points. All I know is I’m getting deeper into the dream realm and love is the key to being free. I’m growing more powerful the more I’m being love… and I’m being given abilities/upgrades that even carry over to this realm. There’s alot more to dreams and the connection to this realm than people have realized.

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