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dream realm follow up post

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November 10, 2017 in Offbeat


One other thing to clear up… I don’t always begin my conscious dream getting out of my bed. I’ve also gone conscious while already dreaming. I could be deep into a regular dream and then realize I’m only dreaming. And I know the difference between the dream realm and reality… it’s fucking easy for me to tell once I’m conscious. And by ‘conscious while dreaming’ could also properly be called ‘lucid’ but that term came from someone who always were having those during nightmares. Yet that ain’t the case for me because I’ve had peaceful dreams and can defeat the enemies. His accounts were like they already got him.

I’m troubled by the fact that I haven’t heard of any other human who has gotten as far as I have in the dream realm in regards of being conscious. Been at it since I was like ten years old but I didn’t take it very seriously until around two years ago. That’s eighteen years deep… If this was all I have going on than I wouldn’t be so troubled by this that it’s like I’m the only human now on the earth who has gotten this far in the dream realm. But I’m starting to wonder if I’m more conscious than most people also in this realm of reality. I don’t say that out of arrogance or any sense of pride. It’s just everything I talked about in my earlier post “world is turmoil” of some of the things that happened to me in real life… really my greatest accomplishments I did without trying.. it’s like these were a gift. The point is what’s your heart set on is what matters personally. Intentions do mean alot.

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