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Dream Realm Chronicles: Who Rules the World

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January 8, 2018 in Offbeat


It’s not looking good in the dream realm, atleast overall where they got me stuck at. Earlier today I went lucid again.. the first time was during a dream when I was chillen in my bedroom with a couple women who I was just getting to know. After I realized it was a dream I kept my cool and simply asked them for their names. They refused to, which that doesn’t even follow the plotline of what the dream was setup to be about. I could tell they were both conscious entities… they didn’t appear to be demonic but that doesn’t mean they weren’t working for “the system”. Obviously they were sent there to examine me. The dream didn’t last long after they could tell I was aware of it.

I lucid dreamed a few more times after that but each one didn’t last very long. Instead of resetting the dream they kept kicking me out of the dream realm, somehow forcing me to awaken. That shit is wearing me out, it’s hard to get decent sleep when getting fucked with… I’m learning more about the dream realm though and I’m getting alot closer to understanding what’s going on there. Well apparently I’m stuck in a ghetto which it seems the demonic entitles are allowed to rule over and I have a strong feeling that the vampiric entities are who rule the cities, government and military. It’s gotten so bad that even the humans have a hard time trusting each other. They have a database setup keeping track of everyone. People like me who refused to join the system are seen as a threat, they hate it that we are conscious in the dream realm and unwilling to submit.

The next lucid dream begun with me getting out of bed and I was already aware of the dream. I was naked at first and that’s how I sleep anyways. Right away I went outside as I usually do, it’s gotten quite obvious they use my house to try to contain me. Something I’ve noticed is alot of the time when I take my clothes off in the dream realm something strange happens.. clothes sometimes magically reappear on me. Since I cannot be naked outside in this realm due to the consequences I figured in the dream realm I might as well use the opportunity to. Well apparently whoever are ‘ruling’ the dream world doesn’t like humans being naked other than during sexual intercourse. Back to what happened.. there was a woman down the street taking out the trash. I greeted her and could tell she was a conscious entity, likely human. She got pretty upset with me because apparently she was trying to be lowkey and I wasn’t hiding that I was aware of being in the dream realm. We started walking down the street together. I asked her for her name and she refused to give it to me. She explained why was because it had to do with the database. That’s been a reoccurring theme in the dream realm where humans have learned not to give out their names to anyone due to the system. Yet she did give me her ‘id number’, apparently we’ve all been assigned one. Because of her attitude I started getting kinda upset myself and told her that she doesn’t know what it’s like having my dreams get reset over and over… well it turns out that she does.. she told me that she experiences the same things very similar to what I go through in the dream realm. The dream then ended and I got kicked out of that realm again.

Obviously the system was not at all pleased about me being brought into one of their main cities yesterday which it was probably their capital. On the surface everything looks fine in the world, but it’s more so what’s happening behind the scenes that’s very concerning. I’m convinced now that vampiric entities are the ones who rule the dream world up top. The conscious human entities living for the system are just being used and contained… even if they knew better alot of them wont ever risk themselves getting their citizenship takenaway; kicked out of the cities and forced into the ghettos where the oppression is much harsher. According to their data the system has concluded that these people who they accept into society are subservient… yet not everyone in the cities are putting up with it. There are people on the inside attempting to overthrow the system. Those people who snuck me into the city so that I could see it for myself might be proof of that even though intention-wise they probably just heard about me and wanted to party. Also the dream I had over a year ago–not long after I started taking the dream realm much more seriously–a group of very obviously demonic entities were sent to recruit me. When I refused then they knew I was open game.. they had that typical evil looking to feast from their overall demeanor and especially the look in their eyes as they all crept towards me. This was before I begun to really realize my power.. So since there were quite a few of them I started stepping back getting ready to either escape, abort or have to defend myself. That’s when suddenly a motorcycle appeared, I hopped on it and got out of there fast. Then I ended up in one of the main cities full of conscious entities for the first time. Somehow I was led to a building where a sophisticated well organized militia was operating. The general welcomed me in and explained everything to me… but I couldn’t recall anything he said once I woke up. Out of all the generals I met I liked him the most because he was the most open with me and had went all in against the system. Well while we were walking through the facility, which was hidden in on a floor in a random tall building.. suddenly a bunch of vampiric entities broke in like a swat team. I saw their leader and he especially had a scary ass presence, looked like the mothafucka count dracula wished he was. He said some shit directly to me and I couldn’t bare anymore of it so I shook myself awake. I feel bad about not sticking around for the fight and it’s possible that I got setup so that they could find that place. But now I understand why the generals I met always felt honest to me and seemed to appreciate me even when their soldiers or the people above them didn’t. Maybe they don’t like the orders that they are being forced to follow and still have honor. Since they’re closer to the top they know better than most people what the entities currently ruling the dream world are really up to.

I’m practically convinced that what’s going on in the dream world directly affects the world here in this realm. There are too many parallels in how the system in each world operates for this to just be some coincidence. It’s very likely who rules the dream realm rules this realm. By looking at them, if I saw the people who are in power today here but instead in the dream realm than simply by looking in their eyes I’d assume alot of them are unconscious entities or demonic. Also.. if dreams weren’t important than why do creatures die after a month of being deprived of dreaming? Apparently it’s just as important as water, air and food. Something else that I need to mention is there doesn’t appear to be a single vampiric entity or an individual group ruling the entire dream world. They got different societies in the dream realm at war with each other because it’s not like all of the vampires or demons get along. What’s extra fucked up though is they mostly got humans doing the fighting against fellow humans.

The last lucid dream I had today was me once again getting up out of bed beginning the dream lucidly. I headed towards the front door to get out of the house and along the way there were entities on the main level impersonating my mom, dad and brother trying hard to act as though everything is normal. I attempted to play it off in order to avoid confrontation. I said goodmorning and other regular things to them. Told them that I was going to go to my friends house and “I’d be back later”. Even invited my “brother” to come along in order to make it all seem more believable.. but it refused and seemed upset that I’d even ask. Apparently it was afraid that I was trying to single it out to get it alone, making it easier for me to kill it. Well that entity started getting suspicious after that due to a couple of times I glanced at it and made eye contact. He could see in my eyes that I was bluffing but he wasn’t ready to call my bluff. I calmly made my way outside and then when I got to the street I took off running… well was really like skating with my bare feet down the street since it was at that moment covered in ice. Considering that it was a winter setting this time and I didn’t get dressed for the weather that’s probably what really gave my awareness of the dream away. I made it halfway down the street when the entity impersonating my brother came running out of the house running towards me all enraged that I had almost tricked them. Suddenly I remembered the specific area where that one magical woman I met in a dream not long ago in who created a spot where I’d be safe. When I got there and I turned around the demonic entity had almost caught up to me and I could see the other two where running down the street in pursuit of me as well. I didn’t plan what to do, my instinct was to grabbed the two plants right next to me and I used power from the earth through the ground to annihilate the entities into oblivion one my one as they ran at me. I believe I got this ability from that one ancient entity during that dream that I already wrote about where she was going around in the form of a mass of darkness annihilating people and I passed the test. She even told me that she was searching for someone like me for 100 trillion years… ain’t that hard to imagine though. Plus she said that I was barely good enough to not end up like the rest of those people before she got to me and stopped… but I’ll probably talk about all of that some other time since that dream had much significance, more than which I might not even have yet realized. So after I got rid of those three demonic entities who were sent to make sure that I was kept contained/unaware. Two conscious human entities around my age showed up. I guess they must’ve saw what happened. The first was a man and we talked a little bit. One thing he said that I remember was him bragging about either battling or seeing who he said was pretty much the baddest monster in the dream realm. He even told me the name of the creature was “zardok” or some shit like that.. it sounded foreign and it was a name that I’ve never heard before. Then a woman approached and started talking with us. They both seemed to also be aware of this area I was at and knew alot. They mentioned a person who they refused to say by name who is the most powerful magical entity known in the dream realm. Whoever that was they made it clear that the person is one of the good guys. I said that I met her, and they were shocked. I told them about the woman who brought me to this area and used her power to help me out. They knew who I was talking about and they said that was just one of her apprentices. Also just to note it, neither of them would tell me their names either. As I’ve stated earlier this has become very much a reoccurring theme there. Then eventually I asked a question which probably got me kicked out of the dream realm again because I woke up.

Here’s something very important that I’m certain about.. humans get their power from the earth but the vampiric and demonic entities depend on humans/suffering to feed on. The whole point of their world is keeping us separate from the earth. Once humans reconnect with the earth than we will be able to reclaim both realms. If we’re able to turn the dream realm back into paradise than that will have a direct effect on this realm as well. I know it sounds like fantasy but the so-called elites don’t hide the fact that they’re getting orders and supposed power from entities not of this realm.

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