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Dream Realm Chronicles: War of the World

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January 8, 2018 in Offbeat


I just now woke up from big developments of mine in the dream realm. I was given access to one of the central metropolises full of conscious entities. The dream begun during the daytime with me waking up out of bed and quickly becoming aware that I’m in a dream. I went upstairs to go out the front door and noticed two entities in my living room impersonating my dad and lil brother so I called them out. They tried to play it off but I made it very clear that I knew. The one impersonating my lil brother tried to step to me so I quickly used my power to eliminate it by throwing him through the door of the closest behind me in the entryway telekinesis style and I guess trapped it in there. I left the other impersonator where he was and walked out the front door. On the front porch I ran into another entity impersonating my brother. We talked for a second and I got a good look in his eyes, he appeared to be a decent entity but I was still not at all pleased with him impersonating someone. A bus pulled up in front of my house, I decided to get in and told that one entity to come with me. We got on what appeared to be a school bus but once we got in I could tell it was really a bus full of people around my age looking to party. Really I was just happy to finally be getting out of the area and was acting pretty silly at first. I interacted with some of the entities and at least some of them were likely fully conscious. Eventually I made the entity who was impersonating my brother get off the bus and it did but he was sadly disappointed. I feel bad about it now because his comment when I told him to leave was “I thought you liked me”. Apparently the entity was lonely and looking for friends/acceptance.. I’m just getting really fed up with the impersonators though. I don’t like being treated in anyway as ignorant.

On the bus I ended up talking with a woman and she was very friendly. On the way to wherever we were going the bus morphed multiple times. Finally we reached our destination and it was some building which must’ve been some sort of community dorm type of place full of conscious entities. I looked around a little and ended up in a large room with a bunch of dudes who looked like jocks. I started asking questions and pretty much interrogating them because I wanted to find out more what’s going on here. They started getting agitated and I became more aggressive in my questions… appears we didn’t like each other very much. A couple women came in and calmed me down. They gave me hugs and were really nice making me feel welcome which cheered me up alot. I got the sense that they probably run the place or something. One of the women took me to a smaller room across the hall which had a bunch of dudes who appeared to be from the streets, they were alot more like the type of people I’m used to hanging around. I was given a warm welcome and they had a little party going on, some people were eating and drinking. I got some liquor and filled a flask full. We had a good carefree time.

Next thing I remember a bunch of us from that building arrived at the grocery store and entered the place in high spirits. I immediately broke away from the group to head to the alcohol section to grab a beer. I went where it should’ve been but I couldn’t find any cases or anything. While I was looking around I overheard one of the cashiers who was ringing up a customer mention an issue with payment. It turns out they were a cashless society, it was all digital and based on income. I then knew that I probably wasn’t allowed to be here in their society but I didn’t care though and I was still going to get a beer anyways. Nearby there was an older woman working behind the counter in the meat section. I asked her where the beer was and she pointed me to a small display which only had a few individual bottles. Either beer is unpopular there or the government doesn’t allow them to sell much of it. I was still sipping on the liquor I had from earlier and noticed how different/bad it tastes compared to here. I walked alongside that woman working there and asked her why things taste differently in the dream realm. She was taken back by the word ‘realm’ and so then I just told her ‘dream world’ since that’s apparently the common term used there. She said that’s easy.. but never answered my question. I started getting the feeling that these people are all assigned their jobs. There was an elderly man who must’ve worked mostly in the backroom. As he was passing by I asked him if he liked his job. He appeared very offended by me asking him that and said “of course” then quickly proceeded through the door into the back of the store. I went over and grabbed a bottle of beer. It was pretty good, alot better than the liquor I was drinking. Next to the beer there was a section with what I thought were cigars. I grabbed a few cigarillos but they turned out to be mini twinkies wrapped up made to look like cigarillos. I asked a customer nearby what the hell is this shit about and he seemed kinda shocked that I’d even ask like I was expected to already know. That’s when I realized that the government there must’ve banned tobacco. I opened one of them just to make sure they weren’t actually cigars and then got pissed off to find out it’s junk food so I tossed the ones in my hand onto the ground. After that I was walking through the store sipping on my drink wondering were the group of people were who I came there with. Eventually I came across a young woman around my age chilling in the back corner of the store on the ground. She had a laptop type of device plugged into the wall and was chatting on camera with some woman she knows who I felt like must’ve been her sister. I greeted her and laid there to get to know her. The conversation was very typical, mostly it was just a brief introduction. I asked for her name and she said it was Anna. She asked for ”my two names” and so I told her my first/last. Apparently she somehow quickly searched their database to access whatever profile their society has on me. That’s when her demeanor switched up real fast.. she said that I was rejected from the infantry. I told her no because I’ve run missions before but that I didn’t want to kill anyone. —I guess after I ditched the mission before the final assault to exterminate everyone at that Russian base and on my last mission the soldiers were mad at my performance when we were killing all of those demonic creatures in what appeared to be a deep abandoned missile silo where we were sent to retrieve something… well I haven’t been sent on a military mission since and to my defense they had to trick me to do it.— Well then the woman somehow vanished and I looked at the screen she was using to see that I was being recorded. It appeared she reported me to the ‘authorities’ and I could only imagine what else the profile that they have on me says. Also it was apparent that their society takes high pride in their military and killing shit. By how upset she got about my ‘dishonorable discharge’ even though I never signed up for their war.. that’s when I realized there must’ve been alot of major battles that have taken place in the dream realm between different factions which had costs many lives.

After exiting the grocery store I immediately saw that I’m in the middle of a very large metropolis area… I’ve never seen a city quite like this before but it wasn’t all that much different than the architecture here today. The place was very clean and well kept though. That society was financially very well off, maybe I was in the capital. I decided to take off flying to get a better view and tour the city from above. I was a little hesitant because of that goddamn tractor beam shit that happens kinda often when I try to fly.. but was glad to find out that there weren’t any restrictions on me there, well atleast in terms of flying. What’s peculiar is while I was up there I didn’t see anyone else flying around, not even a bird. There were many tall buildings and skyscrapers and none of the buildings looked run down. In the distance there were mountains, I guess they used it like a wall to protect the city from attack and possibly keep people like me out. There were alot of artificial bodies of water scattered throughout the city for some reason. They looked strategically placed and weren’t just for decoration. There were even people swimming in some of them. When I was above one of the really tall buildings its architecture stood out and it must’ve been a place of important. There was a three digit number engraved into the top of it and likely only someone who could fly would see it. I was gonna try to remember the number until I noticed that the number changes before my eyes depending on which angle I viewed it from. Obviously the architects did that on purpose to relay some sort of message. There was even a giant white obelisk in the middle of the city.. which is very telling. Eventually I landed on the outskirts of the city where the buildings were more regular. There was a dude around my age chilling on the streets, he was friendly and challenged me to a game. It some kinda shoot off and I won. When the game was over we went our separate ways and shortly thereafter I woke up. Then I went back to sleep again and ended up lucid dreaming some more.

–I’ll proofread this bitch and probably write a conclusion here in a second… [update] I ended up passing back out for a few more hours even though I had already slept for a long time. Lucid dreaming can sometimes take alot out of me.—

Well everyone in that city appeared normal enough, I didn’t see any demonic entities there… yet by how their society operates I still don’t trust them and have never seen who are calling the shots up top. From what I’ve experienced even different societies across the world are at war with each other even though their people for the most part are regular. At the same time they’re also all separately at war with the demonic and vampiric entities. What’s going on in the dream realm is alot more sophisticated than I could’ve anticipated. I’ll keep digging deeper to see if I can find out exactly what’s going on there.

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