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Dream Realm Chronicles: Liberation and Temptation

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December 7, 2017 in Offbeat


Earlier I woke up to eat some food, wrote for a little while and then went back to sleep for like 3-4 hours. During one dream I ‘woke up’ to get some water and noticed an old friend of my who I haven’t seen in year was at my house visiting. I was curious as to who let him in and why would he come to chill suddenly so late in the night. After he went downstairs to my room it struck me that this is a dream… tested real quickly just in case and confirmed that indeed I was in the dream realm. So did my standard proceeder of trying to avoid conflict and containment by making my way outside. I went out the front door and was only outside for a brief moment before the dream reset. This time I ‘woke up’ in my bedroom and tried to get out through the window but the dream reset.. and it kept resetting again and again, that happened like twenty times. Each time the dream reset I kept starting from the same spot ‘waking up’ from sleeping on my couch. Well I clearly remembered that I was actually asleep in my bed so this gave me an edge. It got to the point that I didn’t even have to open my eyes to know when the dream reset. But every time it did reset my movement was getting restricted more and more… even the dream realm was getting dimmer and less defined. I also noticed that I’m unable to pass through solid objects such as windows and doors as I had done before but I guess that’s just for emergencies like when they try to trap me in a cell. Anyways I kept my cool and stayed calm.. I wasn’t gonna let them force me out of the dream realm or go unconscious just because that’s what they wanted. Eventually after alot of resets I knew what I kept trying wasn’t working out very well. I decided to just remain ‘asleep’ in the dream realm even though my mind was conscious. This part is the ultimate key… I powered up using the love within myself. That feeling is so awesome, could even tell the energy was having a direct effect on my physical body. Did this after atleast a couple dream resets and then managed to move around easier. When I got over to my window I realized that one mistake I made in trying to get out of the window was being careful about my items that were in the way… as if that shit was real or even mattered. On my way out I made sure to stay focused on the horizon hoping that would help prevent the dream from reseting. The view was absolutely beautiful.. unlike anything I’ve ever seen… the sunset was lighting up the clouds around the sun. Very closely next to the sun was the full moon and underneath them I could see the earth off in the distance. Which I found that very intriguing because I was on the earth yet there was another one up in the sky.. and also the moon and sun are usually never that close together plus shining bright at the same time. I started walking to try to get out of the neighborhood/city just hoping to get away and journey out to locate paradise. The dream shortly thereafter reset.

The next dream segment is pretty embarrassing but whatever, and as a forewarning this paragraph has explicit details… when the dream reset I was already ‘awake’ in the dream realm. The woman who I’m in love with was there laying on my bed. I went up to her, was kinda stunned, and without saying anything we gave each other a little kiss on the lips. I was aware that this couldn’t really be her but the kiss sure felt real. Obviously I would like to have sex, that’s an important part of life… but I had my wits among me enough to atleast restrain myself because for one I knew this couldn’t be real and plus having sex while in the dream realm tends to often get me in trouble. Almost right after we kissed she went unconscious.. which sucked because I would’ve loved to just chill with her for as long as I could. Well.. I wanted to see her naked… sorta embarrassing to admit but it’s not like that’s a secret. Then after taking off her cloths this is where probably I ended up taking it a little too far because I wanted to feel what her pussy feels like.. stuck a couple fingers inside her just for a moment, and I’ll just say she feels really good. So my curiosity got the best of me but I wasn’t gonna continue on, knew that I didn’t want to take things too far. So I gave her one more quick kiss before I had to move on and try to get out of the house again. Suddenly she disappeared and so did much of the environment as though the dream realm became unstable. Apparently it was a test, they probably know by now my greatest weakness is women. Don’t get me wrong either, I’m not into just any woman and since I’m in love am really only into one like that. So really it’s the temptation that makes me weak but in essence her love is like my greatest strength. I’ve even seen it in the dream realm how the demonic entities are extremely afraid of me and her being together. There’s alot more to man and woman being love together than just making babies… it’s alot more powerful than that and they really don’t want people to know but we intend to find out even if we cannot put it into words.

So I didn’t handle that situation as properly as I should have. Like I said it was very obviously a test and they were just tempting me. After the dream reset I was taken to some dark empty place. The dream quickly reset again and I was in some far away land standing at the top the highest of some rolling hills at night. The dream quickly reset again and I was in the middle of a building that was pretty much just one large open room. There was a ‘black gang’ and an ‘hispanic gang’ going to war there. The only thing they seemed to hate more than each other was me because I’m perceived to be a ‘white man’ and was the only one of those there. As they were fighting together they also shot at me a bunch but I laughed because they couldn’t kill me. It was like there bullets did me no harm. So I started talking how I normally do and was calling them out.. and I admit was kinda mocking them… I mean they did just try to kill me. They kept getting pissed off but I wouldn’t shut up. Eventually I think they finally realized how dumb all of this fighting was so it finally ended and I guess they were over it. Everybody left the building and when I went outside found out that we were in the middle of a large forest somewhere. The trees were all huge and had grown very tall, the vegetation was thick and there large dirt trails that people used to travel on. I was so glad to finally be close to nature and out of the city.. I didn’t want the dream to reset or end now. So I focused on one of the men walking down the road and decided to follow him. Eventually I shouted out to him, he waited and I caught up to where he was at to ask him where he was going. He didn’t answer my question and simply said “behind you” and walked off. I was confused why he would say that in response to my question but when I turned around I saw a beautiful young woman sitting at the end of a path down the ways. I approached her and she was very friendly, I could instantly feel she was one of the good conscious entities. Her beauty was mesmerizing… I got close up to her face because I’ve never seen a woman like this before and had to look deep into her eyes…. I told her not to worry because I wasn’t gonna try to kiss her and she replied “I know”. What was really amazing is around the middle of her eyes was a thin golden trim, much shinier than gold itself. We talked for a little while and she was honest about everything. Then her sister suddenly appeared, she said they were twins. I could see the resemblance but they weren’t identical. First thing she said was “yeah I know I look terrible”. She didn’t really but it did look like she might have been in a fight or something, maybe had been sick.. I dunno… she did have a tissue or whatever in one of her nostrils like she was trying to stop a nosebleed. In response I asked her if they could read my mind and they told me something to the extend of “we cannot tell you that/not allowed to tell me”. But I could already tell, either they were atleast partly telepathic or they were just really good at reading my expressions. We all chilled and kept on talking… they eventually got up and we started walking down the path some. That’s when they stopped and asked a question, simply asking me about my feelings but I forget exactly how they phrased it. I think what they said was for me to show them how I’m feeling. Well right after they asked that and I complied in putting that out… instantly a huge storm appeared; heavy clouds darkened the sky, rain poured down, wind was strong, there was much thunder/lightning. Right away they were very much frightened by that, I dunno if they were scared of me or what. I frantically explained that this is how the world makes me feel and it wasn’t because of them. But even by me mentioning the world the storm grew stronger. They ended up teleporting themselves out of there or something like that… it was like as soon as I looked away they were gone. I started walking back down the path I came from but didn’t make it far before a huge battle suddenly broke out. It was the biggest battle that I’ve ever been in.. it had warriors of the past and future, possibly of even different worlds. They were all human but alot of them in their style were pretty much unlike any I’ve seen before. I could tell that all these entities were not demonic but certainly weren’t benevolent. It didn’t take long for me to realize that if this battle continued the fighting was never going to end. When one would fall it was like more would keep coming. So I did the smartest and only other thing that I could do instead of fighting or trying to escape. I yelled out loudly for everyone to stop fighting. It took a couple attempts to get their attention and everyone stopped to listen. The storm then calmed. I don’t remember exactly what I told them but probably something to the extent of what it is and that it doesn’t have to go down this way… mentioned the Creator and probably somethings about life in general. Most of them agreed and then there was peace. The others just left, they were upset because maybe they wanted the fighting to keep going. Alot of us went over to some building and I forgot what we did there, maybe celebrate or something. The last thing I do recall is being in a room with two young men who were certainly conscious entities. I could tell they were decent guys and I talked to the older one for a while as he was watching tv. He was also honest and answered everything that I asked. Then I went over to the younger man who was just sitting in a chair chilling by himself on another side of the room. I decided to ask the dude about himself and he told me that what he really wants in life is to have a house way out in the country and make his own coffee for people. I could even remotely see the house/place he was talking about. I was struck by how humble in that being what he really wanted. In the back of my mind I knew that with the right connections I’ll end up having more money than I could ever really ‘need’ or use due to a vision of an innovation that was given to me in a dream over a year ago. I knew that I could eventually easily afford to get that for him. So I asked him his name… and that’s when the dream abruptly ended and I got kicked out of the dream realm again, and woke up for real this time.

A couple things I forgot to mention which I found intriguing. When I was talking to those two women in the forest who were like angels or something like that. The first woman said to me that she knows I’m a “beginner in the dream world”. It’s interesting that multiple conscious entities that I’ve encountered and talked to always use that term when referring to that realm but this was the first time someone told me that I was just a beginner there. I’ve also noticed alot of personal parallels between these two realms.. but I’ll save most of that to write in depths later on. What’s very apparent is they’re intimidated by how powerful I could become and possibly fear that I might turn on them. Practically the same goes for this world where mostly people are too scared to help get my work in science out to the public… except that in this case people also fear the possible worldly repercussions of “what people might think” and the system is doing all it can to make sure people don’t know the truth. I’m even getting severely contained in many ways here and there, it’s just in this world there’s the illusion that I’m free and everything is somehow all fair and well. Anyways I’m relieved that I made alot of progress in this dream sesh. The dream resets can be very annoying though and also restricting my movement sucks but I’ve grown to be able to move around no matter how much force they apply.. although I move alot slower when they do it. I would like to be able to fly freely again.. I really hate it when they do that tractor beam shit. I’m so grateful there are good entities out there in the dream realm willing to help me out. But obviously they can only do so much for me, there’s alot that I just have to do on my own. I’m getting closer to freedom in the dream realm and do whatever I can to help manifest paradise. Not just that either, when I love while conscious in my sleep it has a powerful effect that carries over even into this realm and there’s also so much to learn.

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