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Dream Realm Chronicles: Got My Power Back

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September 24, 2017 in Offbeat


Not long ago I woke up from hours straight of lucid dreaming. I’ve gotten really good at detecting what the dream realm feels like, to the point that even before I ‘open my eyes’ in the dream I can already tell. Still I take a few extra precautions before accepting that I’m in a dream. The first segment begun with me starting off in a conscious state. I went to hop out of bed but as the gatekeepers like to do they’ve suspended gravity. Yet I finally figured out what my power is, love. I energetically flowed love and this is what grounded me back to the earth. After that I was able to walk out of the house and made it down the street with no problem… until a conscious entity started stalking me and he was obviously one of the evil types. I’m not sure what he was but seemed to be ‘immortal’, like a cross between a demonic and vampiric entities or something. Well I tired to get him to go away and leave me alone… but things escalated and could tell I wasn’t getting away from it without a fight. My intrigue sparked, wondering if there could be anything inside the mailboxes. I checked one out and there were some various items inside… picked up something that looked like a laser pointer or whatever and it turned out to be a lightsaber. We first started battling each other with swords but eventually I pulled that weapon out which gave me a bigger advantage… if only that entity would die. I was cutting him up and still kept coming at me. This went on for a while until I got backed up inside of a dark house and realized that thing wouldn’t die. So I used a power that I got not long ago to use my mind to wipe him out of existence and basically he vanished. I was able to go about my ways roaming around for a little while longer before the dream reset.

After that things went peacefully for most of the segments. During one of the segments I was at a school, it was lunch time and I got a bowl of chicken fried rice… to my surprise the food tasted very real and good. I was also amazed by how real the people were acting and interacting together. Most of the time when the dream would reset I’d start from getting up out of my bed where I am sleeping. For the most part I would explore and sometimes see what I could get away with… something that I need to work on not doing, really I need to focus on my abilities. Alot of the time as soon as I got outside I’d take my clothes off and walk around naked. Something I’ve noticed is that after a while atleast some of my clothes would magically reappear on me, or the environment would change usually when I’m not looking. Also I kept taking off my glasses because I could see clearly without them if I wanted to. So the dreams reset more time than I can remember, this went on for a long time. I’d try out different things to see what I was capable and would interact with people. I’ve learned the lesson now that they’re trying to control me with fear and anger. Now that I’m aware of that I don’t allow anything to make me feel afraid or lose my temperament. The only thing left that they were able to somewhat control me with is sex… but that’s only because I’m single.. and plus men do get erections in their sleep so that’s kinda like fuel to the fire. It’s not that big of a problem though, I can easily control my urges if I want to. It’s become very obvious that the gatekeepers are running tests to see how they can keep me contained. So I failed quite a few times under the temptation, I would tell myself it’s just a dream yet it felt so real. After one final occasion of that the dream reset and they had my movements restricted. But since I’ve gotten more powerful I was able to move through the force and slowly make my way down the street. That’s when I was confronted by an evil conscious entity unlike any I’ve ran into before. Apparently he was looking for a fight or hoping that I would cower. I stood up and we fought each other with our bare hands. I kept winning and tossing him far away from me over some houses but he kept flying back. During the last rounds he came back, the entity was like four stories tall. Well size didn’t matter in the dream realm because I didn’t back down. He kept trying to stomp on me but my fist was enough to prevent myself from being crushed. Really the only way I could’ve lost was if I cowered in fear. So finally I ended up throwing the entity as far and high as I could and used my mind to once again wipe another entity out of existence… probably won’t be seeing him ever again. After that I ran into a conscious entity inside of a house who seemed like a good guy. We ended up chilling, walking around and talking together. He claimed that he had previously warned me about that entity and he got to watch me defeat him. Eventually we went out separate ways, I explored around some more until I woke up.

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