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Dream Realm Chronicles: Don’t Trust in the System

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January 10, 2018 in Offbeat


I’m getting farther lucidly in the dream realm but also having setbacks. There’s really hardly much of a difference between this realm and that realm besides the physics. This first part gets explicit and so is not suitable for a young audience. So basically I fucked up again and let my strong urge for sex get the best of me. Since I’m single you’d probably think that’s no big deal but that ain’t what this is about. Having sex besides with who you’re meant to be with is very detrimental. Might feel good at the time but it tarnishes you. So this dream begun with me at a high end nudist resort somewhere on a beautiful day. They were having some sort of big annual festival open to the public. I was unconscious about it being a dream and I guess they brought me there early. Oddly enough for what appeared to be a nudist resort people were mostly fully clothed except for a wedding party were the main females had their breasts out but their nipples were covered. The first thing I remember is chillen with a few older men who were out there in a yard sitting on lawn chairs in the grass. They were smoking a big blunt of some strong weed and one of them passed it to me. He told me what it was called but I’ve since forgotten. I went to hit the blunt but accidentally hit it backwards on the ember and that shit really hurt. I then hit it the right way a couple of times, passed it back to them and walked off. There was a fully conscious entity not far away impersonating one of my good friends from childhood but he made sure to keep his distance which was strange, obviously I was being monitored. I went into the main building to get some cold water to help with my burnt lip. The place was so fancy I didn’t feel like I belonged there. The sinks in the kitchen area were kinda strange, I asked someone about it but they laughed acting like they expected me to know how it works and I ended up getting water spayed in my face. I begun wiping it up from the counter but the female there told me not to worry about it. I went back outside and saw there was a news network which I recognized had just arrived there with a small crew. There were a couple other entities impersonating a married couple who are friends of mine and they were at the center of the interview. They got me on camera with a group of them but the whole thing felt awkward. During and after the interview my mind started morphing the place in ways to somewhere more recognizable. I then vaguely remember somehow being in one of the buildings and semi lucid that I was certainly in the dream realm. In one of the long dinning rooms there was a wedding party that I passed through. The females were behind the table celebrating watching the males do some kind of dance ritual. They were all in sync lined up doing some kind of x pattern walking/dancing around doing the same moves. On my way through I got caught up in it and couldn’t follow along very well. They acted shocked like they expected me to know what the fuck they were doing. I then slid on out of that room and not long after that I guess must’ve blacked out.

Next thing I remember is walking through the town/community and by this point I had already become lucid at some point but was trying to be somewhat lowkey. Now this is the fucked up part… on the sidewalk beside a building there were a bunch of young women lined up dressed provocatively. Some of them were very questionably underage. They caught my attention though and I wanted to test them to see if they were conscious. I felt up a couple of them and slapped one on the ass… they very clearly unconscious entities. I went down the line getting a good look at them and ended up at the last one who was the oldest but was probably in her early twenties. She was the only actual sexually attractive one to me personally. At first she appeared to possibly be an unconscious entity but when we got to talking she had to be atleast one of the ‘semi-conscious’ entities. After seeing a little bit of her naked I asked if she wanted to fuck…. well really that was the first thing I said to her. She said yeah she’d like that but we’d have to make it quick because she has something that she needs to do soon and also something else to take care of first. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly and had let my testosterone very much get to me. We walked together over to a small pool where a bunch of females were playing what looked alot like volleyball and there was a small audience watching them. We weren’t there long before the female I was with pretty much said fuck it and let’s just go find a room. She stated that she wanted to warm up before we got there.. she jumped into my arms and straddled me. Even though we still had our clothes on she was somehow already having sex with me. It must’ve been some kind of mental fucking, I dunno what that was about but at the time was enjoying the feeling except for being out in the open where people could see us. I carried her into some dorm facility/house type of building that appeared to be like a fraternity. It took me a minute to find a room with a door. I almost just took her into the bathroom but I imagine that wouldn’t have been very comfortable. But then I found a messy room with a bed, a couple mattresses on the floor, and most importantly a door so that we could finally have our privacy. I started clearing off the bed and asked her where she wanted to fuck. She told me on the floor and that she didn’t care so instead I laid her down on one of the mattresses and started fucking her. Fortunately for me, before things got way too far the dream quickly got cut off and the dream reset to me being back inside my own bedroom.

I was dazed after all of that and ‘woke up’ back at my house but didn’t make the connection that I was still in the dream realm. In the dark from my bed I looked around my room and it was alot fancier than what it’s really like. I could see some sign on the wall doing something strange, possibly trying to tell me something… yet even in this realm sometimes from the transition out of a dream you can still briefly see somethings before it fades away so I didn’t think much of it. I almost snapped back into a lucid state when I noticed there were a couple large plants in my room which I don’t have here. The dream then reset a couple more times and the next thing I remember is me getting out of bed during the daytime with my room looking alot more normal. I figured that I must be back in this realm finally. I opened up my door and saw an entity impersonating my mom was here doing laundry across the hall but I bet it was really sent there to monitor/keep me contained. I was so close to going lucid again but was very much still in a daze. While standing in my doorway I noticed my right eye was hurting.. I thought that I must’ve feel asleep with my contacts on and one had probably got stuck behind my eyelid. I tried to get it out but then a wall tack fell out from my eye instead. I was like damn.. that’s not good and had no clue how it got there but was relieved to get it out. Yet my eye was still hurting so I kept trying to get the contact if it was still on my eye somewhere… then a few more tacks fell out one at time. That’s when the dream ended and I woke up forreal.

So that kinda strange to say the least but I probably can understand the significance of it. Although apparently I don’t have any ‘logs’ in my eye there are atleast a few ‘needles’ that are still hurting me. I need to remove them in order to fully see clearly. And why specifically my right eye? Well I can only assume that has to do with the irregular activity on the right side of my brain. I’ve never been diagnosed with any such ailment but since I’ve become so in tune with myself I can feel that the right side of my brain was damaged.. either from the vaccinations given to me as a child or from whatever the ‘government’ did to me back when I was 19. Even though I fucked up this time atleast I learned a lesson. It gives me hope that I’m getting close to my full potential.

Whoa I suddenly got hit with déjà vu… anyways after I woke up and quickly recalled what happened in my dream I decided to take the precaution of ‘rubbing one off’ before I went back into the dream realm so that my urges doesn’t get the best of me again. After that I easily went back to sleep and entered the dream realm. This time it was a regular type of dream. I was at some sort of large facility made for entertainment. There was a bar and restaurant in the center, game room at one end of the building and all types of shit like that around there. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be having a good time. At some point I became aware that I was in the dream realm but decided to have a look around and stay lowkey for a while. When I was in the center of the building I felt like I might possibly being slipping out of the dream realm and that this dream was coming to a close. So that’s when I decided to make it known to everyone there that I was aware that this was all just a dream. I shouted out to get their attention and made it very clear that I knew. Everyone got quite and was staring at me… I told everyone to leave the building but everyone just silently stayed where they were. Then I gave another command or two which I have since now forgotten what they were.. nobody responded. Finally I then said let’s just party and then everyone cheered. The music, commotion and everything kicked back on. I could tell that these people were most likely only unconscious and semi-conscious entities. As I was walking through the place random people were greeting me and some talked to me for a little while. It was like everyone there knew who I was. Apparently word has got around about my name in the dream realm… which that ain’t exactly a good thing either. It’s been made clear to me that it’s best to remain nameless there. I went around the building probably trying to find an exit.. and might’ve made it outside for a moment because I do vaguely remember casually talking to a small group of entities outside during the nighttime next to a canal. But then the dream reset again.

Next thing I remember was being being in a large medical facility. It didn’t take long for me to go lucid and I was looking around the building for a way out. I decided to play it off the whole time… there were alot of people who I’ve never seen before and they acted like they knew me. I didn’t recognize anyone there just like that last place I was at but quite a few people kept calling me out by name. I could tell that this place consisted of semi-conscious and atleast some conscious entities that I was able to spot. The only reason I knew that this was a medical facility was partially due to the layout but mostly because I saw nurses and doctors. While heading down a long hallway there was a butch type of female that I passed by and could feel her demeanor was scornful towards me. When I got to the doors which I believed was the exit I shouted out down the hall at her “peace out nigga”. She turned around really pissed off about that and asked me what did I call her, she even mentioned that she thought I called her a “bitch nigga”. I repeated myself by saying no I called you a nigga. Then I proceeded through the doors to find out that I was still stuck in the building. On the other side there were some nurses who heard what I said and they were laughing about it. Apparently nobody working there likes that entity very much… and she was definitely one of the conscious entities in charge there to keep everyone else in check. The other one I passed by who seemed to be in charge was a doctor who partially stepped out of a room that I was walking by and he greeted me by name like he already knew me. I wasn’t trying to giveaway the fact that I was aware of the dream but I’m pretty sure that he caught on after I jokingly made a comment about his hairstyle and that I “liked” it. And plus I kept on moving but in hindsight maybe he did have something important to tell me. I was just too busy/focused on getting the fuck out of that building. Eventually I ended up at one of the ends of the building in a big waiting room that had like a big window wall. Was damn near certain this was the way out but when I got closeup to it there was no door. I probably should’ve tried to pass through or throw myself through it but didn’t have much of a chance to because the dream reset.

Now for the last segment which was really like a mindfuck to me. I was in some upper class area and it was more of smaller city, likely full of conscious entities. First thing I can recall is going lucid while dinning in a restaurant. There were two entities impersonating a couple good female friends of mine, one of which who I’ve been in love with. I wasn’t mad at them only because I was glad to ‘see’ her. My mind wanted to believe that they were actually there with me. They got to talking, basically almost convincing me that it really was them but just the ‘dream realm version’ or some shit like that. I fell for it for a second… and I told her that I might not be able to always be here and then asked her “does she still want to be with me”. She immediately broke out into tears and couldn’t answer that question though obviously it was a yes. She was crying really hard and I could tell her emotions were very genuine. It’s hard enough seeing a woman cry but I hate it if I cause a woman to cry. I explained to her what I meant is that I might not always be here mentally… and to clarify that, I was talking about being lucid in the dream realm.. they’ve certainly been turning up the heat on me and I’m not certain how much longer I will last. I got up and went over to where she was sitting at so I could comfort her. That’s when I decided to get a real good look at her just in case. Well her getting all emotional apparently was making her disguise begin to wear off. I could see she was starting to look much older than the woman who I’m in love with. What really gave it away though was that her eye color changed to green when she was sad. I called her out and then looked closely at her friend’s eyes and noticed one of her eyes was fading away from brown. That entity tried to explain that it’s just her contact and quickly readjusted it… but then really gave it away when she told the other entity something to the extent of “I told you he would find out”. I was still kinda confused about the whole situation. By their demeanor they didn’t seem demonic at all yet they did try to trick me. I still wanted to believe that the woman who I’m in love with was actually together with me but I didn’t want to be naive. She was still crying some but had calmed down and had tried to make her feel better by telling them that I believe her. I decided to try one more thing to see if this will tell me what I needed to know. We gave each other a pretty quick kiss on the lips. Well that’s what got me convinced again that it has to be her because I’ve never felt such a powerful kiss before.. even though now I know that it wasn’t actually her. I felt so much love coming from her just off that one kiss. We got the check and strangely enough someone working there approached us with another person asking if I would pay for the medical treatment that the person desperately needed. He said it costs 80 grand and I said okay. Didn’t even think much of it because I don’t give a fuck about money especially in the dream realm. I had no idea that I even had an account in their society but apparently I must’ve got paid off from some of the missions I ran. After I left the restaurant with the two female entities who I was chillen with, we got into their car to drive somewhere. While driving through the town I remember them admitting that I had been with them for three days already in the dream realm. They said that they were ‘spoiling me’, that we went out to eat three times a day.. I guess that’s what they liked to do. While we were driving out of the city I begun to ask them questions.. which their answers are what really gave it away that they were just impersonating in order to be around me. If I was really her man than I wanted to see the comparison between the two realms. After waking up, the answers they gave made it very clear to me that they were indeed impersonators but from what I witnessed they weren’t necessarily evil. They did seem to have some knowledge about who my two female friends were but not enough to convince me. The two answers which really gave it away was she admitted that she’s in her fifties and her man was in his sixties. The big one though was when I asked about her dog. Well they didn’t recognize her name but they did say that they had a very large white male dog with stripes. The car eventually stopped because there were a bunch of children playing around in the street. I was about to ask her if we had any children but then I stopped myself because just in case she didn’t I didn’t want to cause her to cry again. The dream then ended and I woke up.

After the dream was over and I thought about it, shit became very clear what that was all about. I reminded that entity of her husband who had must’ve died sometime ago. That makes sense why she cried so hard when I brought it up that I might not always be here. She loved him very much and used me to try to relive some of that. They knew the only way I might put up with that is to impose as the woman who I’m in love with and our friend. It almost fully worked and really I’m not even mad.. it’s actually quite sad. I’ve kissed plenty of women before, even in the dream realm, but I never felt a kiss like that before. She really loved him alot.

One other thing that I wanted to mention… it’s becoming very obvious that there are three groups of entities; unconscious, semi-conscious, and conscious. I know that kinda oversimplifies it but y’all probably get the point. The semi-conscious basically pimp out the unconscious and the conscious entities use/monitor them all. In the main cities only conscious entities who the system’s data says will likely submit are given citizenship. I haven’t seen any demonic entities in the cities either, just that one time when those vampiric entities raided that militia organization hidden on a floor of a building. Plus I’m pretty much convinced it’s the vampiric entities who currently rule the dream world and they let the lower demonic ones run the ghettos. They’re just using us humans since they cannot exist without using/feeding on us. Maybe that’s not widely known to the people there but I can tell that some do know and many have chosen just to play the role assigned to them. That’s maybe because they don’t want to end up kicked out in the ghettos like alot of us have been forced into since we’ve been proven to be outside of their control. Yeah it is a struggle out here but what they might not know is we’re atleast closer to the earth and are becoming more powerful. Really it’s not hard to kill the demonic entities anyways, I’ve probably already killed hundreds by now I don’t think it’s even been a whole year yet. The toughest ones are those who can impersonate more formidable opponents like what you’d see in a movie.. or that giant one I killed was pretty tough. The key to defeat those is to just call their bluff, they’re not always as tough as they look. As for the vampiric entities they’re damn near immortal. I’ve helped kill some of them but it’s gruesome having to cut their heads off to make sure they stay dead, I always let the other people do that part. I’ve seen demonic entities get afraid but I’ve never seen fear in the eyes of a vampiric entity. That’s partially why they’re so intimidating and I’ve never taken one on by myself other than a crossbreed. The last time I saw a vampiric entity was months ago but I led him into an ambush and we killed it… I haven’t seen another one since. They’ve been learning to be alot more cautious of me. Since I refused to join the system in the dream realm I can tell that they were fine with me being conscious there but only if they could use me. Now that they know me a little better they’d much rather I be unconscious since I’m onto them and are becoming more powerful. Word is getting out about me in the dream realm, which that’s actually making things tougher on me. So word of advice is if anyone reading this can lucid dream and you start taking the dream realm more seriously try to remain nameless there. I don’t have anything personally against the humans other than their servitude to the system and I don’t need the attention. Really I want to get to wherever the powerful ‘magical’ beings reside to help them out in whatever they have planned. I suspect they live somewhere deep in the wilderness and plus with the earth is where I want to be. But maybe I’m supposed to be the ghetto to try to turns things around from here. I just need to keep my focus and pass any tests thrown at me.. ya never know when one of the benevolent entities might show up to help and possibly gift me with more abilities. Really I dunno what I’m suppose to do since I’m not taking orders. I guess maybe what I need to do first is somehow reclaim this area that I’m stationed at in the dream realm. That one ancient green man entity did give me the ability to help grow and heal nature, which I haven’t been using often enough.. It’s possible that’s all I need to do here. Alright I’m done brainstorming… I’ll let y’all know if there are any further developments.

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