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Dream Realm Chronicles: Ancient Earth

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January 4, 2018 in Offbeat


These dreams were some of the most awesome lucid dreams that I’ve yet. It begun during the day with me chilling in my backyard. This part is hard to explain because alot of very strange things were happening and from what I remember all of which involved humans. I just stood there watching it all and trying to make sense of it. At some point I went inside to get some other people to come see this. When I got inside there were a bunch of entities and three of them were impersonating a few of my family. I knew that they weren’t really them but I got the ones impersonating (my mom, sister and brother) to come outside to see what was going on. Maybe what I figured is that they could help me make sense of this or atleast there would be some other witnesses. Eventually, what appeared to be probably madness, it ceased and the dream must’ve reset.

Next thing I remember we were all still outside in the backyard when alot of animals showed up, mostly birds. There were like a hundred times more animals than I’m used to seeing around here. There were creatures that I’ve never seen before and I was in absolute awe by what I was witnessing. Even the whole setting of nature appeared different than what it is today. I was commenting to the entities about how awesome this is and they agreed, but I think they were probably paying more attention to my reaction to all of this than anything… well atleast the entity impersonating my mom sure was. I clearly remember seeing some ancient birds that were much larger than a human. One landed on the ground to rest not far from me. A couple of normal birds landed on it and affectionately laid out on the creatures back. I got the impression that this type of bird was like a guardian to the rest of the birds. It was overall a very joyous moment, I was seeing so much animal diversity at once and it was all so peaceful.

Afterwards somehow I ended up back inside standing in front of my bedroom. The entities impersonating my mom and lil bro were standing in the doorway blocking the entrance. We talked a little bit, I got a good look into their eyes, and that’s when I decided to call them out. I told them that I know that they weren’t really my mother and brother. It was very easy to tell because at this point their eyes weren’t straight and neither of them have a lazy eye in reality. Then shit got really strange because suddenly each of them had one of their eyes roll upwards to the back of their head and the other eye rolled downwards. I probably shook myself out of the dream at that point because I woke up.

As soon as I fell asleep again I was right back in the same dream setting. This time I encountered an entity impersonating my brother in law and I talked to him for a moment to tell it and get his response to what just happened even though I knew it wasn’t really him. Eventually I was outside in my side yard chilling with a group of five or six entities sitting on the ground gathered together in a circle. The only one I recognized was the entity impersonating my childhood friend who lives down the street. I took the time to really take in the natural environment around me… and it was all so beautiful. Nature there was so much more luscious than it is now, there were alot more trees and they were all different than the ones that exist here now. I noticed that the really tall trees were bent the same direction towards the top as though years before some kind of massive storm occurred. I could tell by the trees that whatever season it was looked like a combination of autumn, spring and summer. The trees were of different colored leaves and some were shedding onto the ground. There were other trees still with green leaves and trees that were in full blossom. I looked up to the sky and got to see some of the sunset onto the clouds. The moon was full on the side of the sky where the sun setting and I vaguely recall seeing a crescent moon on the opposite side of the sky. The entities for some reason seemed surprised and asked me what I was doing… told them I was just enjoying the sunset and everything. I went over to talk and asked them some questions. They showed me a chart of their seasons and there were more than four. Apparently even during each season there were multiple types of seasons at once. I forgot exactly what I asked them but their response was 70,000 BC.

After I awoken it hit me that what I was being shown was the ancient earth many millennia ago. For some reason either they did or my mind overlaid the current structures of civilization here onto that setting. I can tell that the entities were impersonating people I know to probably make me feel more comfortable or to get me to believe that what I was seeing is real. But I can’t tell if those entities, who were impersonating my mom and bro during that one segment, really were conscious entities or if they were really just something like automatons and they used my memories to construct them. Very obviously they’ve been running some tests on me and it’s likely the most effective way is if I believe that what I’m dreaming is real. Which is what happened during the last dream segment which I’m not gonna go over in detail. Basically I got tricked into a semi lucid to an unaware dream state. What I was taught from it is that my biggest problem (besides my strong desire of being with a woman–which ain’t a problem when I have one) are materials and how I respond when being treated unfairly. I’ve been shown this before in dreams that holding grudges is very toxic, so even if someone does take items from me that I just need to let it go. And if it was my fault that this civilization got overlaid by my mind onto the ancient pristine earth than that goes to show that I cannot hold onto the world as if it’s life. If I’m not willing to let go of everything in the world than my soul could get trapped here. We all know that we cannot take anything from here with us anyways when the soul leaves the body.


So I made some good progress in the dream realm this time. Now I’m really curious if it’s my own fault for being trapped in the city so often while I’m lucid in my dreams or if there’s an outside force doing that to me. Though that could simply have alot to do with me spending most of my life here so far. As an example, as successful as I’ve been in astronomy I haven’t ever seen the natural night sky in her full glory. I’ve seen the pictures but that’s it. There’s so much light pollution here that given the right condition the sky damn near turns red late into the night.. that cannot be good. Oh and something else I noticed in the dream realm is when I’m semi lucid or nearly so I’ve gotten tricked into believing what I’m experiencing is me being in the middle of a movie or a videogame. That cannot be a good sign for the mental capacity of future generations in the dream realm as people become more absorbed into technology. And I’m grateful for whatever help the decent entities have given me, apparently I been having some trouble on my own. This whole testing thing kinda implies that they don’t trust me. And it’s hard for me to trust them as well, especially when they impersonate people I know. I might not seem highly intelligent but anyone who assumes I’m ignorant, well that puts me at an advantage. Hopefully we can get these tests over with soon so that I can finally be free, well atleast in the dream realm. Then I’ll finally find out what this is all really about.

As far as I can tell no other person alive on earth today has gotten this far lucid dreaming. Than again atleast a third of people are sleep deprived, mostly from basically being worked to death. In the dream realm I’ve ran into alot of conscious entities and they appear to be human too. Yet either they’re not from this world or from this time. Really I dunno exactly what is going on there, maybe I should be ready to ask better questions and make sure to remember their answers next time I run into one of them.

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