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November 26, 2017 in Offbeat


I’m getting better at knowing the methods of how to enter into the dream realm consciously. This time it started with me having a remote viewing dream of two of my women friends who I have a close connection with and then some random group of people they were with. Seemed so real I thought it was a video and am impressed by the reproduction of their physicality and personality yet I could later tell the subtle yet major details proving to me what I witnessed obviously wasn’t really them. That I’ll talk about in detail some other time… right now I need to document my lucid progress in the dream realm.

After that initial dream they tried to trick me to believing I was waking up… but really I was just in another dream. That seems to be one of their favorite tactics.. anyways I’ve learned that instead of trekking through the house to get out and while on the way likely running into a conscious entity who is trying to monitor me.. recently I’ve just been getting outside through the window. These evil entities really like to get people in houses because that makes life easier to contain. I got outside and tried to take off flying to get out of where they’re trying to contain me at but my movements were restricted and I had trouble grounding myself. The dream quickly reset and I was back where I started.. this time it went basically the same. The third reset they tried to get me to wake up for real but I slipped back into the dream realm myself on purpose. They tried even harder to restrict my movements. I fell out of bed onto the floor and then got out of the house through the window, and outside it was easier for me to move. I used love to ground myself and started taking mental notes of details. Like how real the ground felt beneath my bare feet. I started talking out loud and singing or whatever.. noticing a delay in sound… it has something to do with the atmosphere of the dream realm. Then I took off running through my neighbors yards.

Somehow I ended up in a desert somewhere out west. What I remember is riding on horse for a while. Eventually three bandits on horses started chasing me. There was some voice out there answering my questions and told me that those three were bank robbers. For all I know the horse was talking to me.. I really dunno but whoever was speaking to me had a deep knowing. The bandits were shooting their pistols at me, and them trying to hunt me down was very annoying so I quickly eliminated them. After that I rode around for a while and it was like the desert was endless. At some point a map was given to me which was very telling. I noticed that at some places on the map were void and when I was there it was like the environment was on some sorta loop. The voids were kinda like streaks.. it’s hard to explain exactly but I’ve seen this pattern before when they try to explain certain astronomical matters. On the rest of the map were names… which I assumed were counties but it’s hard to be certain about that. I even saw my name on the map but there are places that go by that word…. I dunno exactly what to make of that yet.

After that I got led back to my neighborhood. Across the street from the end of my street I made the wise decision to sit down and be still, I meditated peace while sitting in the grass by the side of the road. Suddenly animals begun to arrive and gather around me. But then I messed up worrying about the ‘gatekeepers’ and also wanting to find a better place as close to the wild as possible where I could be at even greater peace. So it was a combination of me worrying that if I stayed where I was at too long that I’d get detected and kicked out of the dream realm but also I wanted to find a place deep within nature to meditate. Now I understand that I can be still but have to stay focused and concentrate on love and peace–those are the greatest power to have. Well I ended up going to a creek that wasn’t far behind me. When I got there this creek was much nicer than the one in reality. It was a larger stream and the water was clear, I was amazed by the freshness of the smell that the creek had. Of course some conscious entities, whose aim was keeping me contained and studying humans, they showed up impersonating my immediate family. I played it off like I wasn’t aware that it was only a dream.. otherwise shit can get weird and usually they want to fight. I got into the water for a few moments and decided to take a drink. Well I couldn’t bring myself to fully swallow it because something tasted very off about it. The water tasted better than the tap.. but I cannot really explain it.

Then I got led back to the house by the entities acting as my family. I was pretty impressed by their fairly accurate impersonation. When I got inside I examined most of the rooms, taking in the details to notice the differences. At one point in the laundry room two of them asked me a question. They wanted to know what a certain slang term meant. That word being ‘kite’ which I figured means sending a packages to someone imprisoned. Which this just reaffirmed to me that they’re trying to study humans because I could tell they genuinely didn’t know. I also remember there being a plate of food on the floor in the entry room… it was some toast with maple syrup and a egg cooked on stove, basically was similar to what I ate for breakfast. Was amazed at how real the food tasted, even ended up asking for another one. Now this is where it got weird and one of the entities started breaking out of character. I was in the kitchen with the entity who was impersonating as my mom when someone called in on the phone. She told me it was one of the spam calls that we usually get here on our house phone… but when I looked at the caller id it wasn’t a regular number and could tell she was lying to me. She answered the phone but didn’t say anything and then hung up. That’s about when the entities probably caught on that I was actually aware of the dream which is why I was paying such attention to details. I knew it was about time that I got back out of the house but I wanted to examine one more room before I left, which was the recreation room. That entity impersonating as my mom blocked the exit from that room to the outside and it started getting very upset when I told her that I planned on leaving ‘for a while’. She kept more and more not acting like my mom actually would. Got to the point that she kept poking her finger into the middle of my chest trying to scold me. Shit was getting too weird but I didn’t want to give up but I guess half my mind decided to shake myself awake before it all broke out into something worse.

In conclusion there are many things I could’ve done better and I should’ve answered that phone myself. I can tell there are people out there trying to help liberate life here but there are mostly the others with bad intentions who are studying humans, they’re busy trying to keep people contained and are figuring out ways to control. Humanity-wise in the dream realm I can tell that mostly the groups consists of mafias and military operations. They both do fucked up shit and currently cannot say which ones are worse.. but atleast from the looks in their eyes these people aren’t demonic. Still I rather not intermingle much with them because in many ways they’re both wrong. That’s kinda off topic and there’s so much more for me to discuss on this matter but I’ll leave that for probably another day. My new personal mission is, since I likely cannot escape… probably what I need to do is use my power to bring back the wilderness to this area that they’ve tried to contain me in. Instead of relying on humans my greatest allies are actually the animals/plants and the earth herself. I just have to focus on love and peace, that’s what really is powerful.. it’s what they cannot understand. I’m very close to finding out exactly what’s going on in the dream realm. Are there any other humans alive on earth today who have gotten even nearly this far? I couldn’t even imagine being the only one capable of this.

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