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October 19, 2017 in Offbeat


Earlier today I took a nap after watching the woman I’m in love with livestream for a few hours. I ended up having many conscious dreams, most of which didn’t last long probably because the people I live with don’t really care that I live at the bottom level of the house… even when I called them out for making so much racket they still ‘stomp’ around and let the dogs loudly play upstairs for long durations just above me (instead of taking them outside or to the main level), which shakes my room and is very loud through my vent, but like I said they don’t care even though it’s like nails on a chalkboard. Good thing I don’t get headaches or they’d give me one everyday. Anyways, the first dream I remember ending up going lucid in.. I was at a condominium on the beach. I could tell it was just a dream so I jumped off the edge of like ten stories high instead of taking the elevator or stairs. That was actually kinda fun because it felt real yet I landed softly just fine. And to be clear to the world–before there could be a setup. I’m well aware when I’m dreaming or not. I’ve never made the mistake of thinking I’m dreaming when I’m really awake, I’ve always taken great precautions. The only time I’ve mistaken was in the dream realm thinking that it’s real but never the other way around.

During another segment I begun in my bed and quickly made my way outside. I was naked because that’s how I usually sleep but when I got out of the house and looked down found out that I was wearing clothes. At first it resembled the old school stripped prison attire. Yet I realized everytime I looked away and looked back down the design atleast slightly changed. I experimented some… easily plucked a stop sign from out of the ground and went around seeing how much I could interact with the environment. I was impressed by the realism of how everything looked and felt.

Many segments later I went lucid while dreaming of being in a mall center. I instantly went around looking for the woman I love and even asked one of the people there but he was well unaware. Just as I was about to find her.. the people here woke me up with being so fucking loud towards the floor upstairs. Later on during another segment that I barely recall, I finally found her… but then I went ahead and kissed her until the dream ended. That was due to a mix of really wanting to, knowing that it’s just a dream, and that as things were going felt my time was short.

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