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October 12, 2017 in Offbeat


A couple other things to add to the previous article. I achieved another power up enhancement this time on my own. While laying in the bed I was in–but perceived through the dream realm–I used the opportunity to love. Then the energy that physically went through my body and especially my brain was invigorating. Lasted a few moments until I ended up floating up and touching the ceiling. I backed out because I didn’t seem to have control and I hate being in the dream realm in the darkness, most of all when they got me in a dark room… makes me feel like somethings always watching me from the shadows. Next time I ain’t backing out though and will find a way to ground myself as I’ve been able to do before. I know this ain’t necessary but still I wonder how high I would’ve gone if I was sleeping outside and there wasn’t any ceiling to stop me. Back when I was 18 had a very similar energy for the first time flow through my body I was launched into the heavens even though I was inside while it happened. Made it through like three dimensions or something like that and I saw the one who sits on the throne of light, likely the Creator. Difference between this though was that time I was launched straight up, this time I just floated. I have had other opportunities to possibly go back up there while consciously dreaming but I’ve backed out since I don’t feel worthy.

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