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October 12, 2017 in Offbeat


I dreamt alot once again… sometimes ended up dreaming consciously. Alot of interesting things happened but the one instance I wanted to mention was yet again another battle with a conscious demonic entity. From what I remember ended up slipping into a conscious state while chilling with a group of people in my house. I slid out of the house lowkey like. As I was walking past the front of the house I looked into the large window into the living room and quickly spotted the conscious entity or atleast the leader among that group. I could tell because appeared the most aware and fixated on me. This probably wasn’t a bright idea, but I mocked them for not letting them know I was conscious until I got outside. That entity quickly confronted me and we eventually ended up fighting. From what I remember the fight somehow begun from within my house in the recroom… then made our way back outside, ended up fighting on the rooftop and then we finished the battle out in the backyard. The intriguing thing that happened was the entity ended up revealing its true identity. How I got it to do that was by not being afraid. Also not taking it very seriously either. When the entity got upset and was taking blows to its ego, that’s when its true form begun to emerge. The last strike the entity had was to cause a hurricane like mini storm to form over the yard. When the entity saw that I was enjoying the storm then the entity seemed to self implode or something like that. Its true identity I cannot fully describe it.. he was like disfigured and deformed but more in like a ‘cartoonish’ glitchy but realistic kinda way. Although he made even characters like Quasimodo look good in comparison. This entity might’ve been one of the ‘immortal’ types.. guessing so since the battle carried on for so long. Yet making it lose its courage/confidence made the entity vulnerable and pretty much destroyed itself.

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