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August 3, 2017 in Offbeat


Happened the other night, went conscious for many dream segments in a row. Today and tonight was good.. now might as well document this before I forgot anymore details. It went like this… at some point I started consciously dreaming, setting was me chilling in my room. As soon as I did everything darkened almost like nothing was there but I made my way out the front door. Learned this time even doors that are locked I can just push open and not even have to use the handle. Once I got outside everything was bright again. This sequence happened a dozen or so times. Each time it seemed the house type building they reset my dream into kept keeping darker but I learned to just get out of the building onto the earth. I started goofing off some knowing my time was short… Something is out there controlling much of the dream realm. During a couple segments I took my clothes off once I got out.. was so amazed at how real the sunlight wind and everything felt. Every time I got outside it was the same weather; blue skies sunny with those large fluffy clouds. During some other segments I remember just taking off running… at least in two occasions ran into a dead end where there was nothing left in the setting. I really got the hang of it the last time.. was happy to even fly again yet made sure to fly under the radar. Got my landing abilities up and was able to run faster than ever. I took off down a busy street after gaining a lot of speed… was jumping, running on and flipping over moving vehicles. It was fun while it lasted, was even amazed feeling a physical strain from running… but then during some segments after that started goofing off way too much and they started resetting my dreams in different locations. One of them was when they reset me into the halls of a movie theater. I was intrigued at how there’s all these movies there that don’t exist for real, well at least not here… wanting to examine them all closer but didn’t trust it. I walked into one of them in the middle of a movie playing. I probably should’ve kept my cool but ended up fucking around too much knowing that “it’s just a dream” so I shouted fire, and of course everyone ran out. Had a feeling that the films were there to hypnotize me but acting a fool wasn’t much better. Was just curious… and so amazed at how real everything felt. At some point I was fucking around way too much and they reset my dream into some kind of high up dungeon with multiple cells in a castle like fortress deep in the wilderness. I escaped out of there pretty fast and was so happy to be back in the wilderness even though it was dark and the terrain was rough.. yet I was finally in the forest again. Usually I’m stuck in civilization or some shit. I can definitely tell at least in the dream realm houses are used to contain. I’m adapting and from this certain experience know that not only do I have to get out in the open to be free but it’s in the wilderness where I have the best advantage. Oh yeah, and I was grateful to not run into any conscious entities… or did they just blend in really well is now what I’m now wondering, maybe they got a clue to keep their distance but others are always watching anyways.. how else do they decide when to rest my dream or restrict movement. They wanna force me out of the dream realm if I’m conscious so probably should redouble my efforts and so on. I should’ve been more serious, but it’s hard when they keep shutting me down. At least got to learn a couple more things… maybe I don’t even wanna know how far this really goes, but I guess that’s the type of shit holding me back.

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