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July 17, 2017 in Offbeat


I had like 30+ lucid dreams last night, some were very brief and others lasted for a while. Obviously it’s way to much for me to go over and remember it all. Shortly after I went to sleep I begun dreaming and quickly became aware that it was only a dream. Strangely enough once I went conscious while dreaming the dream would become dim… I could still see but it was as though I was barely there in the realm. It was like remote viewing except not vivid at all. This happened over and over again until I went into a deep sleep. The first one I got out of bed and on the main level saw two random entities. I instantly avoided them and headed for the door, was only going to attack if I was left with no choice. Decided to try something different just to see what would happen… instead of opening the door I walked through the glass. I was able to pass right through it but something was pulling on me stopping me from leaving the back porch. When I looked back I saw the conscious entities staring at me through the glass looking all dismayed. I wonder if they needed for me to open up the door for them. The dream reset many times–trying to trick me into believing that I was waking up for real–and I kept making my way outside, it seems like every time was able to get farther and farther away. During one of the segments I was chilling at my house with some regular entities impersonating some people who I used to know. I think for some reason I stepped inside for something and ran into a vampiric entity. He was apparently out to get me so I had him chase me to my side yard on a basketball court where I was chilling with those regular entities and basically led him into an ambush. There were probably over a handful of us and we all attacked then killed the vampiric entity. It got gruesome but we did what we had to. Probably after that is when the restraints were greatly lifted from me and could move around more freely. At one point I tried to fly but gravity took me down fast, first time that ever happened… I suppose that can be better than uncontrollably floating up. Was able to walk away and explore the area. One of the things I did was touch the plants and other natural things to see how real they felt. Then I started running around and using obstacles to see what I was physically capable of. This dream segment lasted for a long while and I was intrigued about how my mind morphs the environment… every time I turned my back there were changes. After exploring for a while I found a skateboard laying in the street along with some other item, which now I forget what that was. I was surprised to find out how difficult it was to ride… almost felt like I was learning to skate all over again. It wasn’t a very good board but still I could ride the shittiest of boards in real life way better than that. During one of the dream segments I did run into a small group of conscious evil entities, as tends to happen especially the longer I’m conscious in the dream realm. As I’ve often tried to, since I used to be able to, simply fly away but they did that goddamn tractor beam effect and pulled me back towards them. Instead of choosing to fight them I attempted teleportation into another area but wasn’t fully successful. I could tell that they didn’t like that at all. The dream begun to fade and I think I manage to kill one of them on my way out. lol I woke up saying ‘bang, bang…’ still trying to cap them. During a lot of the short segments seemed to be all tests run against me. At some point I ran into an entity trying to throw her pussy at me but I basically had all my wits among me and so remembered my love. There were even a couple segments were I was talking and interacting with my love. Which was probably a good exercise because it did show me somethings yet I knew it wasn’t a fully accurate representation of her character. Still I was happy to see and hear from her, though I’m not sure if I was conscious or not.. was possibly just entranced. During the last dream segment I was at my house throwing a birthday party and right after it got dark outside a giant machine attacked the city similar to the one from ‘war of the worlds’ along with two mini ones helping to surveil the area. I knew it was just a dream but I played along… found two pistols and dipped off while shooting at it, but not much good that did. I started to get into clear view of the giant machine, almost in its line of fire… my dumbass tripped and dropped one of the pistols, left it behind, then not long after ran out of ammo with the other one. Even though all of this was just a dream still I was very much not trying to get incinerated. After I made some distance I found a large abandoned building where I hid and watched the large machine walk by, I got the feeling that it was heading towards the nearest military base. The two little ones scanned where I was at while saying some shit to confirm if I was a threat and they came after me. I got behind a door leading up to a stairwell, locked it and was able to use it somewhat as a shield. That’s until they begun to breakthrough. The machines had helmets on and were possibly bio-mechanical. I started pounding one of their heads in and that was enough to kill it. I’m not sure what happened to the other one though. From what I remember it might’ve ran off because I stepped back and got one of the upper levels of the building before the dream ended. Got me wondering what would’ve happened if I stood up to them mothafuckas like I was superman or some shit like that. I knew it was only a dream, it’s not like they could’ve really killed me. All that was probably holding me back was not wanting to feel pain. Yet usually it’s not nearly as bad as real life anyways. So yup there was a lot of randomness going on last night for me in the dream realm. It’s good to know that I’m making progress in being free again and even more powerful than before. Even had another surge or two of energy flowing through my body but I’m still unsure what to make of that, all I can do is go off of feeling. It’s an interesting fact though to know that what I do in the dream realm can have a physical effect on me here in real life.

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