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December 28, 2017 in Offbeat


I haven’t been lucid dreaming very much recently… yet I did alot yesterday. From these recent experiences I can tell that they are catching onto my ways. I can still blend in and not always give my away my awareness of it being a dream but what they’re doing now is doing damn near the same thing back and sometimes lead me into traps. So my new strategy was go all out. I went lucid during a dream where I was attending some sort of university with my best friend. We were hanging out roaming around the campus when at some point I became aware that it was a dream. So I slipped away from the entity who was impersonating my friend and eventually wondering into the main entrance of the building. I’ve never mistaken reality for a dream, I can very easily tell now just be the whole atmosphere of the realm.. but one of the dumb yet effective things I do sometimes to double check just in case is slap a chick on her ass and see her reaction. If it’s an “unconscious entity” that makes it very easy to tell by how she reacts to that or lack thereof. That’s been proven more effective so far than the typical strategy of pinching or slapping myself. While I was on the main floor I shouted out to get everyone’s attention to let them all know that I’m aware that this is just a dream. It took a second to get everyone to listen, but once they heard me everyone left the building and went their separate ways. I guess they figured that the show was over. I was ready for a fight but none of them wanted to test me like that… it’s been a while since any of them had the nerve to try to attack me while I was conscious. On my way out I could feel that they were about to probably kick me out of the dream realm. So as a car was passing by with three passengers I stopped them and asked for a ride. I hopped onto the back of the car and held onto the rear wing, since I might need to make a quick exit. We drove far away from the place and eventually the car took off flying.The further the vehicle went the higher up it got. Last I remember was flying over forests… I looked inside the car and nobody was in there.The last forest I flew over was dark and all of the trees were dead/petrified.. The vehicle started going exponentially higher there and I felt like that thing was taking me up into oblivion. I let go and dropped down into that forest. I didn’t want to stay there so I quickly got myself out of there by shaking myself awake. In hindsight I wish that either I would’ve dropped down earlier or held on and find out exactly where that ride was taking me. All I know is that I didn’t have a good feeling about it. I’ve been taken up into ‘outer space’ before but this seemed different, there weren’t any stars in the sky where they were trying to take me. But now I’m curious what that really was all about.

The other lucid dream segments that I wanted to mention was one where I was in my backyard. I decided to make a very large fire but couldn’t get it to grow beyond a certain limit, it didn’t matter how much material I added or fuel that I put on the fire. Now that I’m thinking about it maybe I had to use my mind to grow the fire instead of depending on materials. What was kinda intriguing was I could tell everytime I turned my back and then looked again could see that there were subtle changes made whenever I wasn’t looking. I even touched the fire with my hand and it actually hurt. During another dream segment, this one happened after they reset the dream on me, I got out of bed and went right out the front door… I avoided much contact with the entities impersonating themselves as my family. I went into my neighbors yard and got up in a tree just to chill there. How real the warmth of the sun, the breeze from the wind, and everything felt.. from the grass beneath my feet to the texture of the tree… it was all very impressive and felt real as can be. Of course once again they quickly reset the dream on me. I need to find out what’s going on with all of that. I’d love to be able to be lucid in the dream realm for hours at a time and just relax.. to be still/meditate, move around freely and enjoy nature without being fucked with. I admit what I’m sometimes still struggling with the most while being lucid in the dream realm is my sexual attraction to women, it’s not even so much the sex as it is my desire to feel a woman’s touch or just being in their presence. If I have a woman of my own than that’s no issue because of the love we are together. Once I overcome that and not overreacting to whenever I’m being fucked with by the entities, maybe then I’ll have absolute freedom in the dream realm.

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