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July 10, 2017 in Offbeat


Had another lucid dream a few days ago or so… getting tired of all the restrictions imposed on me and the attacks, all because I begun to take it more seriously. On this occasion I begun the dream in a conscious state. It was the typical one where it begins from my bedroom where I’m actually sleeping. I didn’t waste anytime to try and get out of there. In the entry way on my way out the door a conscious entity impersonating my brother tried to get in my way and was gauging if I was conscious. I got outside, then him and another entity impersonating my dad tried to follow me. By the looks in their eyes and demeanor already could tell right away they were evil beings. I made it clear that indeed I’m aware that I’m in a dream… from that could see their excitement. Then I tried to fly away but of course forgot that I’m rarely allowed to do that anymore. They pulled me back towards them out of the air like a goddamn tractor beam. I was very upset already by the whole thing…. how I could be conscious in the dream and couldn’t even have a minute of peace without evil entities trying to stop me. We exchanged some words.. then attempted to fight them but they had a force field around their immediate vicinity. Got even more upset and then somehow used my mind to wipe them out of existence. Next I started walking down the street but didn’t make it more than a house away before two little girls emerged from the shadows out of my neighbor’s yard. They too also had an obvious evil look in their eyes and could immediately detect they were conscious entities. I didn’t bother to try to flee this time but instead went in for the attack… yeah that was wrong but for all I knew they were imposters too.. but they also had a force field around them so I couldn’t. Which I’m glad because what happened next told me a lot. Not long into us exchanging words I reminded them of the Creator. With an evil grin they mocked me and said “the Creator of darkness” and I said “yeah and the Creator of light”. That took them off guard… said some other things then I reminded them of the power of Christ and I watched the evil driven out from them. The look in their eyes became normal and their whole demeanor changed up. They followed me and after I turned the corner at the end of the street just a few houses down I was approached by an adult male conscious entity who didn’t seem bad. He started following me too. I wanted to skateboard to get down the street faster and basically he showed me how to summon an invisible hoverboard. That was a lot of fun to ride but it wasn’t long afterwards until somehow I lost my conscious state and went along with the dream.

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