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dream chronicles — readjust strategy

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June 19, 2017 in Offbeat


The first dream I had last night went conscious. I was at some sort of school or large facility walking down a hallway with a bunch of unconscious entities. Decided to try to convince them to do an uprising. To get them to follow me I told them there was a party. They went onto the gym with me and I used telekinesis to get a ladder to drop down. I climbed up to try to get onto a balcony platform to address the crowd but something prevent me from climbing all the way up and by the time I dropped back down most of them had left or simply disappeared. I looked to my side and a group of entities entered into a smaller room connected to the gym. At least one of them were conscious and it seems they knew what I was up to. I talk to that entity and he told me some strange things… not sure if I should trust what he said as being true. One thing he basically told me was that were once people just like us from this realm but got sentenced to being trapped in that realm. Also it appeared he wasn’t interested in an uprising. While we were talking I eventually started getting forced out of the dream realm and that was the end of that. It was a pretty basic conscious dream but now I know that the human entities probably aren’t gonna be of much help to me. So I’m just going to upgrade my abilities by connecting a whole lot more with nature. Maybe I can summon animals and the elements if I need protection or whatever. Probably an uprising ain’t the route to take… I will find ways to restore paradise.

I did have an unconscious dream with my love in it. That one was simple as well but pleasant. It’s too bad that I didn’t get to spend much time with her because I was busy cleaning out to rest of her room and my back porch while she was out on the patio bathing in the sunlight. I came across a boom box stereo that had a television screen in it. There was old videos on it of my past with friends and family.  I watched them all and it was intriguing how my mind could makeup those memories. One video was even specifically of my woman. The last one briefly showed me and my siblings as children chilling probably camping deep in the forest with my grandpa who died like a couple years ago. We sitting in front of a fire and had a liter of puppies with us. I doubt those videos really meant much but it was good to see a lot of those people again.

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