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dream chronicles: entrance into the realm

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November 12, 2017 in Offbeat


I’ve learned there is a multitude of different ways to enter into the dream realm. Normally this can happen when either during a regular dream when one realizes and becomes conscious that it’s only a dream. The other one is when beginning the dream lucid or quickly understanding that it’s a dream. These other two ways are a little more complicated… they don’t require force but do need concentration. One is when nearing a sleep state and being still conscious I can sometimes begin to visually see the environment/setting of a dream forming. I made sure to closely observe and it appears to take five seconds or so to make the transition from this realm directly into the dream. What I’ve realized are that dreams apparently take place in the back of the mind, or maybe that’s just something like the portal into that realm. The difficult part about it is keeping your frontal lobe at rest while making the transition. If you use certain parts of your brain as the dream is forming than it will cease before you can enter into the dream realm. I wasn’t successful tonight getting in that way… and so far I’ve done it twice before like that. The ‘gatekeepers’ seem to really not like when it when I’m able to do that though. Another note on that, one doesn’t control the scene either. This time I saw atleast four different environments begin to form, most of them I were familiar with. This last method I know of is more common for me but I’ve hesitated to write about it because I didn’t really understand until now (plus y’all watch way too many movies so might get to assuming shit). This one happens during sleep but am also conscious during the transition and usually it happens fluidly but on this occasion wasn’t so much.. so I had plenty of time to observe the process. This entrance method is also something I cannot force but just happens on its own. Basically begins with lots of energy tingling throughout the body. Then it feels like my body levitates over where I’m sleeping at. This feels so real, at first I thought is was my physical body. Yet since the transition this time happened slowly and took a few attempts I noticed that even as real as it feels that this was actually my spiritual body entering into the dream realm… which is obviously directly connected to this realm–atleast through the consciousness of living creatures. I could feel some of my limbs like my legs and arm begin to levitate, followed by my head/neck and the rest of my body. Once I entered fully into the dream realm I was stuck horizontally at the same altitude from the ground, about five feet high, but otherwise was able to move very slowly in any direction I wanted to. There was much resistance but I was able to move around. Felt like a cross between superman and a turtle by the way/speed I was traveling. It was dark inside my room and I knew it was best to get outside asap. Closest way out was through my window and I was able to pass right through. Which is interesting because I’ve notice that during lucid dreams my body can pass through doors and windows without ever opening them. It makes sense though because they were designed as passage ways. After I made my way outside I kept traveling very slowly. I saw some people chillen a few houses down the street, was the opposite way the I was heading. A woman was waving at me really friendly like indicating she wanted me to come over there. I could see from the look in her eyes and her demeanor that she seemed to be one of the good conscious entities. I made my way over there to greet them. It appeared she was the leader of this group, possibly the only fully conscious one and the other appeared to be only semi conscious. I got to ask her questions and she gave straight forward answers. One thing I remember asking is “who is doing this to me”. And she told me that I was doing this to myself. She gave me advice on how to land on the ground… which I already knew how to personally through flowing lots of love but that must’ve slipped my mind at the time. Her method was different though and she was definitely visually seeing things different than me. She told me to focus on the colorful ground… I didn’t know what she meant by that but it sounded like she was seeing streams of colors. She wanted to show me something and so I followed them to the end of the street. And across the street at the end of the road there are a bunch of shrubs and foliage which act like a natural barrier between these neighborhoods. She led me there and we stood in front of that. It turns out she wanted to show me how to make a portal to travel through. While she was doing that I managed to finally land with my feet on the ground again… it seems I just needed to really relax. Yet before she was done the dream got cut off. I got the just of what she was showing me though and I’ll have to try that out sometime. Apparently it’s best to form these portals in the natural environment. Using a natural barrier probably makes it easier to concentrate and form a portal to pass through. To where.. I dunno, but this will definitely be a useful skill to have.

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