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Daylight Savings Time, What is the Logic Behind it? It is coming Next Month Again

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February 16, 2013 in Offbeat


Daylight savings time begins again  March 10, 2013. Why do we need to move ahead the clocks an hour? We are told we will get an extra hour of sleep doing this.  We set the clocks forward on hour in the spring. We will lose an hour of sleep. Either way the clocks going forward or back. We lose no sleep nor gain any sleep. I wonder how did the idea of daylight savings time begin. When I look at it. We save no time at all. What is the logic?

When the clocks go back an hour. The earths rotation does not go back an hour. The sun rises and sets regardless what the time it is. The earth’s orbit around the sun does not change. Life goes on if we roll back the clocks an hour or move ahead an hour. After much time thinking about daylight savings time. I am still trying to find the logic behind daylight savings time.

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8 responses to Daylight Savings Time, What is the Logic Behind it? It is coming Next Month Again

  1. ah, the old temporal displacement / mental jet lag effect.
    yup, they use that tool on police- they’re in a permanent state of jetlag due to their shifts, and they are brainwashed easier by the system.
    the army does it too.

  2. I’m not liking DST up here in Alaska, makes the sun get up too early in the summer and then the sun sets too early, before work/school is out, in November.

    Oh yeah, btw, Alaska has drastically different sunrise/set timing than the lower 48, in case you didn’t know; http://c0022612.cdn1.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/crop_Valdez_Daylight_graph_cropped.jpg
    …That’s Valdez, I’m 300 miles North and the sun just circles the sky for a couple weeks around solstice.

    Doesn’t answer the question but I thought I’d share.

  3. ..it has something to do with keeping our internal clocks at a certain level of stress.. just read about the 13 month moon calender and im sure youll find related info..

  4. no we no longer rely on natural illumination for farming and harvesting (the actual reason for daylight savings) we no longer need this system, it is just a hold over from the beginings of the agricultural boom times of the victorian era

    • sorry that should have been edwardian not victorian

      • Yeah that’s what it was… but it still doesn’t make much sense. Changing the clock doesn’t grant extra sunlight. If the farmer wasn’t stupid all he had to do was change his scheduled according to the time of year, not change the clock according to his scheduled.

    • I think we’re due for another such agricultural boom, once we “legalize” growing and fermenting and distilling and owning what you want, regardless of the clip size.

  5. When I was young Indiana was one of the last states to not have daylight-savings and it was awesome. After a while I was able to guess what time it was, sometimes down to the exact minute. Then some years ago Indiana conformed to eastern time, their excuse was for business reasons I think with New York.
    I hate daylight savings because now my internal clock is not in sync with a standard external time-frame anymore. I’d be lucky to guess what hour it is now. Also because of daylight savings it gets dark extremely too early during the winter, sometimes even before 5pm which is preposterous.
    Once the republic is restored I hope we will abolish daylight-savings because it’s certainly a control tool of manipulation. From what I remember, in school they told us it was to preserve candlelight in the past… I don’t think that’s very effective reasoning for modern times.

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