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culling lullaby

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March 5, 2013 in Offbeat


pilate dragging my begrudging bones to the grave
the cross
tis a throne for thrown bones
and lone stones never thrown
to the lost

a lone tone echoing in infinite metranome
slowly sifting in aeons of sorrow
infinitely no tomorrow
was i born for my flesh to form and be torn by these wretched thorns
and why
this question only speaken in tongues, heard only by the one
who only hums
my tongue wrung dry
numb form stealing the great truths lie
i cry
i cry for the words
to say
thoughts flooding over, my current campaign, undertow of
expression today
i peer
into the darkness, i run into freezing rain
i stop at the drop of a hat and i speak into existence
a fallen crown
consecrated creations, flowers on the ground,
lillies joining to fly away
this life, a pied pipers brazen knife

drive-by night, projected black magick spiraling, swirling with the whiter.
with all my might, i bring shade into the light, breath stars into the night
registered comfort in insane fright, its a terminal fight.

but i keep my bite focused and bright,
and tight
tightly dripping venomously gripping sacrifice
sacrificial knife
all a part of this holy rite to sanctify
my harlot
my heaven
my harem
my harvest

been feasting for seven aeons of darkness to exhume this ego’s carcass
I breath
Here i live betwixt the firmaments
my final breath a culling lullaby

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