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concious dreaming chronicles

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May 16, 2017 in Offbeat


Just giving an update on my progress… if you can even call it that. Apparently the dream realm gatekeeper or whatever the fuck those entities are got me on house arrest. I managed to give them the slip before but now they got me on harder lockdown. Yesterday I had so many conscious dreams in a row that I lost count of them. Each time I’d ‘wake up’ from my bed, instantly realize it’s a dream and eventually try to escape. I recall that probably every time there was a conscious entity monitoring me and I just wanted to get away… yet couldn’t make it past the front yard. The land became empty when I tried and my flight has been restricted which I tend to forget…. for now I need to remember to stick to the ground or vehicles. Something is out there able to control when my conscious dream resets unless they lose track of me. I’ve come to the conclusion they they’re running tests on me. Maybe they’re trying to figure out how to keep people unconscious or also how to manipulate reactions. I’m becoming much less hesitant to wanna fight since I can feel physical pain ever since that goddamn small flying strange creature attached itself to my hand. If I see that thing again I’m going to stomp it this time. I’m becoming well adapted to being able to tell the difference between a dream and reality simply based on feeling. Even though the pain feels real.. it’s hollow is probably the best way to describe the feeling. Basically the whole atmosphere/environment feels different like it’s slightly off. The biggest trouble I’m having is typically not taking these dreams very seriously… in the back of my mind I know it’s only a dream so supposedly it ain’t real. Which that’s probably usually the case for most people…. from my experience there’s definitely some real elements to it though and there’s a lot more going on with dreams than we were told. I’m about to try again and sleep for a while… see if I can stop them from containing me and remove their restrictions. Killing them seems to work sometimes but there has to be a better way. Either I need to plot my escape and up my elusiveness or if I cannot do that will have to practice being able to change the environment around me. First step is being motivated/focused, not being scared of what could happen, and refuse distractions or temptations. It’s important not to get trapped inside buildings if you can help it. I need to remind myself to get out of the house as soon as possible, chill either in the yard or on top of the roof if I still can’t leave the premise. Also I really need to get better at ignoring and shunning the entities. It’s just I really don’t like the way they look at me… the look in their eyes and entire demeanor really makes me mad. Plus they’re in my dream so it feels very intrusive but fighting with them is getting tiresome and seems to possibly be getting me in more trouble. I need to find another one of those bases because the two ‘generals’ have been the only ones willing to explain to me what’s going on.. if only I could remember what they told me. The first base I was led to hidden somewhere in a city but then it got raided shortly after I got there. The other base was more like a large recruitment center but I’m not sure what to make of that place and they didn’t seem to appreciate my attitude very much yet they did seem impressed by my ability. They didn’t appear evil but they were control freaks and I don’t trust their centralized shit… makes me wonder who was giving the orders there and what’s the purpose. Than again I’m probably better off doing this alone and see what more I can find out myself.

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