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clarifying one last thing about what I mentioned yesterday (dream realm chronicles)

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November 10, 2017 in Offbeat


This has to do with the dream realm articles I wrote up after I had a lil drank and stuff. Not saying that as an excuse but it’s what motivated me to finally get some of that off my chest. The one important detail I wasn’t comfortable talking about in depths yet were the children… Recently I’ve been sought out by four children so far. The first I’ve already talked about.. happened like a month or two maybe three months ago… I dunno it’s gotten hard to keep track of time like that. Each time it happened I was lucid in my dreams. On that first occasion, which I already wrote about, when I encountered those two little girls who were probably twins. From what I already went through just previous to meeting them I was already in attack mode, fed up with these entities trying to fuck with me like they’ve been doing. I could see in their eyes they had an evil glare but was fortunately held back from attacking them. That’s when we got to talking and they asked me a question about the Creator… which I answered and then they turned good and started following me around. The next two encounters happened just the other day. I went conscious in the dream realm during a dream that was already occurring. I was inside my house and the atmosphere there was dark this time. Which I hate because that shit is eerie as fuck. I went down to my room for some reason. When I did there was a person sitting on the floor in my room, the individual was completely underneath a blanket. Due to the dark atmosphere I was ready to attack whatever tried to fuck with me. I was mentally prepared for the worst creepiest shit imaginable to possibly be underneath that blanket and was ready to confront what it could be. After I pulled off the blanket I saw it was another little girl and she also had a evil looking glare in her eyes. And just like the twins she seemed happy to see me…. but so do vampires and demons when they’re looking to feast. I once again was already in attack mode. Which to be clear, in real life I ain’t really a violent man and would never harm a child. Yet in the dream realm I’m conflicted in such situations because part of me is saying that this can’t be real and yet the deeper I’ve gotten the more I question what’s really going on here. Anyways we get to fighting but I think she just thought it was a game. I guess we were both holding back. Then I came to my senses and we get to talking. I asked her questions and she was honest in her answers… unlike those goddamn demons who always be trying to play tricks and those vampires are too much scary acting mothafuckas to even try to talk to. At the end of our conversation I take her over to the window, pulled back the curtains and showed her the light. She instantly turned good… she was a tough and very intelligent girl. The last child I encountered was on that same night during possibly the next dream segment. I ‘woke up’ in the dream and right away went outside. Tried to fly off but a force was restricting me but I managed to get on the rooftop and perch myself up high so atleast I could get a good view of my surrounds to observe. This time a young boy approached me… and I really fucked up this time because I never made the connection of what might really be going on. He kept jumping up onto the two story roof to meet me. I could also see the evil glare in his eyes but after what just happened with that last child I wasn’t really trying to fight anymore. He wanted to talk to me but I kept pushing him off… but he’d instantly jump back up onto the roof saying more things yet I’d just push him back off again. He also was joyful to see me. One thing I remember him telling me was that a certain famous male rapper sexually molested him. Apparently this individual likes to rape children in his dreams, yet here I wont even mention his name because this is all the proof I have. So I ended up taking that the wrong way at the time… which was probably due to me being already personally upset about them restricting my ability to move around freely in the dream realm so I wasn’t really thinking clearly. I’m hurting about this because the boy asked if he could “join my crew”. I have no idea what he really meant by that… I just kept pushing him off but he kept coming right back. The dream got cut off before I could do for him what I was able to do for the other children. Literally my heart hurts right now because of it. I should’ve known better that he was pleading for my help.

These were the first times I ever encountered conscious entities in the dream realm who were children. I really didn’t think anything of it at first but then it just hit me afterwards… I was like 17 or maybe years later was when I started having sex in my dreams with women who I didn’t even know. Over the years I’ve found out that women were my greatest vulnerability because they make me feel really good. Apparently out of all my desires it seems my greatest is being with a woman. Considering that I’m 28 now.. well just do the math. It’d make sense that these children are now old enough to come find me. From the looks of them when I met these children their mothers actually weren’t good. You gotta be careful with these entities because they can wear masks, but if you know better than it’s easy to expose them. I have to say though that this is just a theory because it’s a guess that these children very well could be mine. Which fucking blows my mind.. making me think that the dream realm is realer than I had thought. There are consequences there for your actions.

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