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Church of Satan Sandy Hook Recruiting Center

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December 31, 2012 in Offbeat


What is the Church of Satan and How Do I Get Involved?
If you would like to recieve an official information packet on our Church of Satan outpost in Connecticut, (AKA Church of Tiamat) or if you have questions, write to:
Curtis M. LeBlanc [zdervish@gnn.com]
PO Box 3184 Newtown, CT 06470

Sacrificed Teacher, Victoria Soto. Note the distinguished gentleman behind her flashing a Satanic gang sign.

Note the two youngest children are also doing the Baphomet hand sign. Sacrificing your first born is an honor.

I’m just playing the “Devil’s Advocate” here, but theoretically, what if, the coven in Newtown was approached to participate in “something big” that would ensure that they, and theirs, would hold an honored place not only in this world, but in Hell? If the Illuminati NWO wants to “get our guns”, it might not only require a dramatic event to trigger an emotional response from the general public, but a large, and highly prized sacrifice, to trigger the desired response from the “Powers That Be”. What is Black Magik? Getting demons and devils to trigger events for you from behind the scenes, in exchange for your Soul (or the Souls of those sacrificed).

Excerpted from this conspiracy-café.com article.

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7 responses to Church of Satan Sandy Hook Recruiting Center

  1. People here are well informed, so I’m sure I’m repeating something everyone knows. But…..
    I use to study Satanism, well, religion in general. Almost started practicing it until I went to a mass. Scared the crap out of me, so I never practiced it, but I continued to study it. Satanism ( or as the real believers call it, Luciferism) is alive and well. Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, they do. Luciferism has control of our governments, private industries, entertainment, you name it. Heck, anyone that says it isn’t relevent are ignorant of the facts or part of it. The “shooters”: were never into Satanism, thier bosses’ bosses’ are. Ya know, they have that one law that says ” Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”? Lying and confusion is the norm. As y’all know Lt. Col Michael Aquino wrote the book for Psychological operations for our military. L Mike started the Church of Satan with Anton Levey, but then split because what Levey was doing wasn’t “real enough”. HE wanted the real thing. So he started the Temple of Set. So, this whole Sandy Hook thing? It’s classic psy-op warfare…written by a Satanist. Michael Aquino was also pointed out in court in the McMartin Preschool child molestation trails, along with his wife Lilith, as well as the Presidio child molestation cases. They were pointed out by the children they molested brutally and tortured. And the jury didn’t believe the children, even though that had torn anuses, wrecked vaginal cavaties and sexual transmitted diseases. People who worked for the FBI that were investigating the case quit, army doctors and sergeants quit, which lead to thier court marshall Most serial killers were trained by the army, specifically Germany then San Antonio, Texas. Most claimed to work for a “dark agency” …they would kidnap children and people for the agencies “ritulals”. OF course, no one believed them. Funny that, when Otis O’toole and Henry Lee Lucas were caught, they said the same thing. One was in prison in Texas, the other in Prison in Florida. Both said they would not get the death penalty. They didn’t. Why? Because the governers of both states pardoned them from the death penalty. Who were they” George W Bush Jr in Texas and Job Bush in Florida. Think what ya want…this is fact. I would advise to read “Programmed to Kill” by David McGowan, how monsters are created. This is a fact based book and informative. Also the works of Malachi Martin and Ted Gunderson, the first a Jesuit priest, the latter a retired FBI agent. Both spent the rest of thier days fighting this very thing,, learning more and doing all they could to get the info out and fight. Both died penniless, murdered by the people who worked for thier respective institutions and who were Satanists, as y’all know. I believe the line has truly been drawn in the sand now.

  2. It would be nice to interview real Satanists to get the facts on what Satanism is so that there could be factual informed reporting on the subject. Winter Laake does interviews and has a few on YouTube. There are podcasts by satanists too.

  3. Cocerning the remark made in the video about the little girl sucking her fingers..
    one of my daughters sucked her fingers like that for years!!!!
    We didn’t show her how to do it, but she put her fingers in forward, reverse of what that little girl is doing in the video..so, it doesn’t mean they taught her how to do this, nor, does it mean they didn’t, but I strongly believe, the child did it on her own!

    • I have seen children suck their fingers the way you describe as well. What I have never seen is a child suck their fingers the way she is in the picture. On top of that she does it in more then one picture. Have you tried sucking your fingers backwards like the girl is doing, its completely unatural the way you have to twist your arm in order to do so. Children don’t go through that much trouble to suck their fingers they would naturally do it the way you described.

  4. Agreed. Voudon and Santeria are not Jewish, the Mexican drug lords are not Jewish, Jim Jones wasn’t Jewish. I have an idea…. let’s all write to Mr. Curtis M. LeBlanc in Newtown CT, to find out more about Satanism, and let’s see what happens! Oh, and if anyone can find out who the distinguished, silver hair gentleman in the picture is, perhaps he can help us find out what the Church of Satan really is, and how we can get involved….

  5. Satanism is Judaism. Jesus Christ is real. This is a war between good and evil, and it always has been. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!! God Bless

    • No, Satanism is everything. Your attack on the Jews sidesteps the major issue that ALL world religions are infiltrated and controlled. Quit singling out the Jews. All that does is cause more division among the common people. We need unity, not race war.

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