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Chemtrails not the culprit

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July 1, 2013 in Offbeat


Anyone else think that chemtrails might be a catalyst to something else? Something we’re not seeing?

I haven’t seen any chemtrails in africa and other poor areas around the world. They’re mostly in USA and Europe…

Maybe I’m crazy but the documentaries I’ve watched on chemtrails so far seem to be drawing blood from a rock – Maybe it kills a certain bacteria in order to keep America and Europe safer? Wild guess of course….

Just day dreaming and wondering if there’s more to it…

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6 responses to Chemtrails not the culprit

  1. Bill said on July 5, 2013

    if you belive that they are doing it for our own good ,then ihave a bridge I would like to sell you

  2. Extensive review of satellite data reveals aerosol dumps and chemtrails are routinely deployed in every part of the planet and in every country on every continent. This includes all oceans and both polar regions. Weather modification to produce artificial “climate change” is just one of several motives. Start clicking the links on my blog to see how this all began after WWII. <a href="http://chemtrailsplanet.net&quot;

  3. I have pondered that it might relate to the mind-control grid. Something to do with sun light shinning through the haze of chemicals. Last year I was posted in the middle of this prairie on top of a platform and I remember the sky was filled with chemtrails on this sunny day. I was looking towards the direction of the sun viewing the wildlife in the field and suddenly my eyes started to burn. I didn’t understand why so I looked up and there was a thick chemtrail passing directly under the sun. The rays passing through your eyes are important for brain activity so that might be another reason why they are spraying that poison.

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