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June 17, 2017 in Offbeat


It’s like almost every goddamn night when I dream somebody tries to kill me so I have to kill them. As far as I can tell this aspect ain’t getting any better and usually they appear to be conscious entities. In one of my dreams last night I was gathered in my garage with a bunch of mobsters. The current mob boss was the son of the original one–who was a helluva lot better person. He executed a man who his dad respected and had helped raise him.. did it right in front of me and the whole group. First he tried to reason with the new mob boss… I don’t know what the accusation was against him…. but we could see from the look in his eyes that the mob boss didn’t care what anybody had to say. Then when the dude realized there’s no reasoning with him basically straight up told the mob boss ‘fuck you’ to his face and pretty much called him a disgrace. He was bold, accepted what was about to happen. Had him on his knees facing away holding to pistols pointed at the back of his head. The mob boss said something like that he doesn’t feel like doing this right now…. he turned away for a moment and then pulled out a pistol again and blew that person’s brains out. I had a sneaking suspicion that I was next, though I don’t know what I did wrong. Managed to slip out of there and get outside but the mob boss came after me. I shot him multiple time and even in the dome while he was standing in the doorway. But he had some kind of metal plate in his head and the bullet stopped in his forehead. I think I might’ve injured him.. and maybe he wasn’t even trying to kill me but was toying with me. I snapped into consciousness and fled but only managed to make it across the street that’s behind my house… made the mistake of trying to fly out of there but that just ended up getting some force to try and pull me back. I got up into a tree and held on but then the dream soon after got shut down.

I can’t panic no matter how creepy or scary shit might get. I need to remember to travel by vehicle since that seems the be the easiest way to elude them for now. For sometime now whenever I try to fly and there’s conscious entities in the area that I get detected very easily then they restrict my movement so I can’t get away. It’s not fucking cool having different entitles trying to kill me in my dreams almost every night. I’m sick of it, all I want is peace. They want me trapped here… and it appears they’ve given up on trying to recruit me because they know the only way that’s possible is if they’ve tricked me. I need to get away from here soon and see if being physically in a different location for a while might make it harder for them to find me.

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