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February 6, 2017 in Offbeat


I pledged maybe a year or something like that ago… how I was going to go deeper into conscious dreaming whenever the opportunity arose and find out what I can. Well I did just that and made many interesting observations and situations. The last significant conscious dream I had which I wrote about—the post was titled “I passed the test”—I watched the wilderness return and flourish before my very eyes. Usually I tried to escape the area.. and all except for one time—when I outran my pursuers, I managed to travel through an ancient mythological looking thick forest… but all the other times I’d always end up trapped in civilization, usually ending up in a big city. I’ve tried to control my environment but everytime I tried to force anything it doesn’t work. I’ll see if I can continue passing the test and mainly by creating distance between me and those goddamn entities… maybe I’m just getting started with my abilities. Conscious dreaming was gifted to me as a child, now I maybe able to develop my skills more than I ever imagined. From what I know I’ve already gone beyond anybody else I’ve ever heard of with this ability. For whatever reason, maybe it’s just my confidence.. but hopefully I conscious dream tonight because I’m feeling up to the challenge. I’m pretty sure I know what I have to do now and yet I’m sure the tests will become more challenging the better my skills are. All I know is those entities aren’t going to get the best of me anymore. lol about to go in straight zen mode or what ever. I might have to act like they ain’t even there, for sure ain’t gonna let them phase me. I see why they want me under their power because they fear a human such as myself might become more powerful than they are.

Oh and by the way I know why I’ve passed the test is because the woman’s love helped me tremendously… on my own I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d see the wilderness flourish again.

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