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Best Video Gaming Trends For 2017

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August 11, 2017 in Offbeat


Remember those days when you had your first gaming experience. That was the time when the “night driver” graphics, Atari, and Super Mario original games were starting. The first ever video game was first invented by Physicist William Higinbotham. It depicted the game of tennis or ping pong and was a sell out during that era.

Since the early years of Atari with its limited gameplay graphic deliveries, the video gaming industry saw leaps and bounds to what it is today. Last year saw the Virtual Reality emerging to its trending development and is still on the continuous trajectory in exploring the future of the video gaming industry.

Here are the significant video gaming trends to watch for 2017:

Virtual Reality

Complete immersion in the gaming world with unreal effects popping out from every direction of the video. The video gamer uses a headset that delivers the virtual action on the screen. The excitement increases with user doing away with the controller. He is in a sense surround effect the game brings. The VR user experiences a 360-degree exposure of confronting challenges presented by the game through the headset.

Augmented Reality

Unlike the features offered by VR of unreal effects and virtual situations on a game, augmented reality is the integration of the game to the real physical world. AR is the next big thing that could happen to the video gaming industry. Instead of providing the game a virtual environment, AR utilizes the real world by placing digital effects over them. Apple, for instance, is using plenty of its resources in the development of the digital spectacles that will soon replace the computer.

Digi Capital estimates that the gaming industry will provide revenues of up to $108 billion by 2021. The ratings round up the share of the market for augmented reality at $83 billion for the AR slicing the bigger portion of the business. While Apple focuses on this category, its tech competitors have also counter products of their own like Google’s “Google Lens,” Microsoft’s “Hololens,” Facebook’s “Camera Effects Platform.”

Development of more Apps

The development of the game’s availability for tablets and smartphones add to the popularity of video games. Gaming enthusiasts can now play their games on the go. More apps are in the development stage for compatibility and ease of access for the new game running on mobile devices. Experts anticipate that video gaming will have its future directed by smartphone development than in gaming consoles. Gamers will prefer something better and are accessible immediately than wait for the apps for later development.

Education in Video Games

The video games market will further develop when applied to the education sector. Educational video games are a hit in the industry as the younger generation loves to learn and play, making school a lot of fun for the students. School systems will have the opportunity to tap educational approaches using online methods of teaching that involves games. The new trend of instruction will allow more development of apps and software focused on teaching methods that will soon have its introduction on a regular basis to the school curriculum. On the other hand, they might learn about the importance of using the best and affordable gaming mouses, keyboards, headsets and so on.

Vivid and captivating graphics

“Performance capture technology” brings virtual character to life. The technology is just one of the graphical advancements implemented by the gaming companies using powerful visual processes. Increased videogames funding also plays a part of improved gaming packages. Characters and graphical effects will look realistic, just like coming out of a Hollywood blockbuster movie, with environmental effects that go with it.

Personal details on your video game content

Details such as your personality, past likes and dislikes, your time spent on other video games are the basis for a personalized video game content. The advancement of game consoles will have access to your information and will use the information to pattern the game for you. With this application, a unique and exciting experience will be available for you every time the console is on.

Social Video Games

Tapping the social media will be an avenue to tap the market for video gamers. More companies are now planning to start delivering games using the social media platform. Industry expert Bobby Kotick of Activision utilizes Facebook and other social media platforms to indulge more players and time spent in playing the games. The marketing arm of this method will benefit the company that offers this gaming approach.

Game Streaming

Video rental is dead, and internet streaming takes its place. Just like downloading a video online, game streaming is made available over the web. Instead of gamers renting or buying a title, they can download a game directly to their consoles or computers. The increase in streaming services for entertainment surged and will be the mode of access to the future copies of games and videos.

Cloud integration for the gaming industry

With the increase of data and its storage requirement, the possibility of incorporating the services of the cloud will be a necessity. At some point, the demand for game consoles, the data requirement will not be allowable to these storage facilities. Cloud will be available for such service that will meet its data storage demand. The video gamers need not worry about any shortage of storage or memory.

Technology continues to develop more and more as the demand for a stable and newer experience from the gaming communities alight. The evolution will be taking us further until such time that humanity’s desire reaches satisfactory levels.

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